Are Black Democrats Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

by David Gray, February 21, 2012

Black Democrats stockholm syndrome

This tragic and confusing love affair that the majority of Black Americans have with the Democratic National Party in this country is something that I have commented on this year in my articles ‘Black Secularists and their Abusive Relationship with Barack Obama’, ‘On Blacks who Call Other Blacks ‘Coon’, ‘Uncle Tom’, and ‘Sell-out’’.

When I posted the above picture on my personal Facebook page it obviously made some people upset, but it was done to begin a conversation with my Facebook friends about why Blacks keep voting Democrat, even while the Republicans have the far better proven track record of being better for Blacks in this country in every facet of life. It’s like some sort of demonic brainwashing that Democrats have used to shackle Blacks into obedience. An ‘Abusive Relationship’ coupled with ‘Stockholm syndrome’ is really the best way to describe this phenomenon.

While I remain to be an registered Independent, I’m very encouraged that more and more Blacks are beginning to return home to the Republican Party. The Democratic establishment also noted that shift of Black allegiance during the eight year Presidency of George W. Bush and threw Blacks Barack Obama as a last-ditch appeal to keep them shackled. How desperate was that? They gave Blacks a man who only resembled them in color, but not in experience or values, and they bit it like a piranha on a gold-fish.

I predict that as the DNC continues to shift to a pro-homosexual liberties platform and continue to embrace abortion, Blacks will begin to see how that party does not represent their values, and they will continue to emerge out of the darkness of abortion genocide that is killing them (1 in 3 Black children conceived are murdered through abortion). They will begin to look back on their experience with the DNC and realize that it has been a pathetic return on investment. But it’s going to take consistent effort of conservative Blacks to sound the alarm and demonstrated the historical and present looniness of continuing to support an establishment that has done nothing for us and has done nothing to earn our vote.

Blacks must reject the assumed hegemony of the NAACP, most Black Universities, and most Black Churches that are nothing but tools for the DNC. Truly the whole structure and false system of the support for the Black community needs to be torn down and reorganized to break the people out of this matrix of abusive and Stockholm syndrome.

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