Trayvon Martin, and the Hypocrisy of Outrage – Reality Check

by David Gray, March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin (1995 – 2012) was a Black American teenager who was shot and killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, a multiracial man adopted by Jewish parents, in Sanford, Florida. According to reports, Martin, who was unarmed, had been walking to his father’s girlfriend’s house when Zimmerman called 911 on his cell phone and followed Martin after he allegedly witnessed him commit ‘suspicious activity’. On a tape of one of Zimmerman’s 911 calls the night of the shooting, he is heard saying under his breath what sounds like “f**ing coons.” Seconds later he confronted Martin and after a brief scuffle shot him dead. Zimmerman has described the shooting as self-defense, and he was not arrested by local police, and witnesses have given conflicting accounts of the shooting.

The aftermath of Trayvon’s death has brought a media circus of international attention, concerning allegations of racial motives of Zimmerman, police negligence and apathy, and criticism of Florida’s self-defense (stand your ground) law.

A number of my friends have asked me this week what I thought about the whole thing. When I first heard about it, I prayed for everyone involved as I am accustomed to doing whenever I hear about a tragedy, and thereafter hadn’t bothered to stay current with what I knew was going to turn into an opportunity for people to contradict themselves on the issue of life. And then it happened …..

On March 22, more than 8,000 people, many of whom were wearing hooded sweatshirts in honor of Trayvon, attended a rally in Sanford and demanded justice for the unarmed teenager. The protest was filled with impassioned speakers, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, who said that Zimmerman should have been arrested because you can’t “defend yourself against Skittles and iced tea.” Sharpton went to say, “We cannot allow a precedent when a man can just kill one of us … and then walk out with the murder weapon,” “We don’t want good enough. We want George Zimmerman in court with handcuffs behind his back.”

When asked about his feelings concerning Trayvon’s death, after a ceremonial event in White House Rose Garden today (3/23/12), President Barack Obama said “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Ok people, here’s the thing. It is a great tragedy that Trayvon was gunned down, but everyday in this country 1,500 babies are slaughtered in the womb’s of their mothers by men who look not much different from George Zimmerman, and nearly 50% of those babies are Black, and nearly 89% of those abortions are being performed in Planned Parenthood clinics, which was an organization founded by racist Margaret Sanger, with the intent to control and reduce the Black population (eugenics).

Trayvon Martin is dead, but RIGHT NOW – AT THIS VERY MOMENT about 750 Black babies are being slayed throughout this country by men who look not much different from George Zimmerman, and many of whom are boys who would grow up and look like Barack Obama. Yet, where’s the outrage? Where’s the outcry? Where’s the media attention? Where’s the hooded shirts? Where’s the rally? Where’s Al Sharpton? Where’s Jesse Jackson? Where’s the FBI? Where’s the 911 call?

From where I stand, your hypocrisy smells like a pile of horse dung and it makes me want to vomit. You constantly pick your own battles and consistently pick the wrong ones to fight, and all the while digging the graves of your own children and your conscience. But go ahead and keep following Al Sharpton and see if that gets you more than what you’ve been getting.

There is nothing we can do about Trayvon now – he’s in God’s care and justice belongs to the Lord. So let’s stop worrying about what we can’t do and start doing what we can do. What we can do is do something about these 1,500 babies being murdered right now in this country, and probably 20 times that number throughout the world by Planned Parenthood and organizations like it, and by surgical murders who don’t look much different from George Zimmerman.


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    • March 23, 2012

    While its hard for society to separate racism with injustice, the value of life starts with Christ. While there is hope in making a changing in regards to abortion regardless of who founded an organization to decrease the population of blacks, people are going to do what they choose to do if they don't value life and have any sense of wisdom and to know there are others options rather than killing an innocent life in the womb. We live in a dark world point blank. Everyone isn't going to see things the same way whether it's related to race or injustice. Light can not shine if one is lacking truth, wisdom, values, integrity and a mind willing to be taught right from wrong. Sin is sin. This is just my opinion and the Lord does not look at the color of skin because he made us all. It's tragic what happened to the young man. I can't imagine being in the shoes of his family. Anyone's family for that fact. Justice needs a voice no matter what. With that said, starting with prayer and asking for wisdom and discernment from our Lord as to how we as a human race will begin overcome evil and darkness is a great platform to start from which is exactly why we are called to pray for each other and the nations. God bless...

    • Thank you Terra. You're Wisdom is from God! Blessings and Shalom to you and your family!

    • Shocked
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    • March 24, 2012

    Wow. Really? Yeah, let's not care about a dead boy who was murdered cause you know, abortion is like a bazillion times worse. Crazy.

      • Jordan
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      • March 24, 2012

      Did you read the article? Have you attempted to understand his point? Abortion is "like a bazillion times worse" because those children don't even have a chance to live outside the womb. Trayvon did. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world will only exploit this poor child while turing a blind eye to the real genocide of Black Americans. Jackson was right when he said "Blacks are under attack." The only difference it's from people like him turning a blind eye to the unborn. On a side note: Trayvon may have had it coming, sadly. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/state/witness-martin-attacked-zimmerman-03232012

      • Thank you for that insight and that link Jordan! God Bless you!

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    • March 24, 2012

    [...] Trayvon Martin, and the Hypocrisy of Outrage: Reality Check – David L. Gray [...] [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The comment's actual post text did not contain your blog url (http://www.davidlgray.info/blog/2012/03/trayvon-martin-and-the-hypocrisy-of-outrage-reality-check) and so is spam.

    • Dan
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    • March 25, 2012

    A good article. It is important, however, to remember that the facts that are coming out on this case do not support the media's interpretation. Even the usual photo of the the young man who was shot is about four years old (he has considerably changed in that time, and was a hulking 6 foot plus). The evidence is quite clear that Martin was beating Zimmerman to a pulp, as his gashed face, head and grass stains on the back of his clothing all attest. Witness testimony has backed up Zimmerman so far. What is unclear is to what exactly caused the altercation. The neighborhood there had recently seen a series of robberies, beatings and even at least one murder attempt by young blacks so it is hardly surprising that a tall black male would cause some nervousness on the part of a neighborhood watchman. What the media is doing is reprehensible on so many fronts, not only on the ones you mention in your fine article, but in others. And their hypocrisy is simply staggering considering how many black-on-white crimes of an unimaginably savage manner are rarely if ever reported. So let us wait until all the facts are in and not get caught up in a media whirlwind, or a media lynching for that matter. Until we know who started it - and exactly how it was started - we should be prudent in our denunciations.

    • Thank you Dan, and I agree with you 100%! God Bless!

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