Do You Have Your CATgear?

by David Gray, September 27, 2012

David L. Gray modeling a shirt from CATgear.com next to a Shelby Mustang at Kepich Ford in Garrettsville, Ohio.

I’ve been blessed to frequently receive some of the most kind and gracious comments from people who read my blog. About once a month someone will go even further to support my ministry with a donation that I always apply to the bill to keep DavidLGray.INFO online. But it was a first when Dominic Catalano, Top Cat over at CATgear.com, emailed me and said that he wanted show his appreciate for my work by sending me a shirt of my choice.

Even though CATgear has been around since 2000 I had never heard of it. It’s not just a clothing company – it’s a ministry. According to Dominic it’s been their goal from the beginning to help our high school students better understand their faith, specifically with Mary and the Rosary. They started with a ‘HAVE YOU TALKED TO YOUR MOTHER LATELY’ shirt. Next, they wanted the kids to realize that their faith is not an hour a week but all the time, so they came out with the ‘CATHOLICISM IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT’ shirt. Apparently, not only did the kids wear the shirts, but parents, family, and friends began to wear them, too. From that, CATgear was born. CAT comes from three sources; First, Dominic’s last name, CATalano; Second, this ministry is a CATalyst to help others in their faith journey; Third is our CATholic faith which has been around for 2000+ years.

I’m loving my shirt and I hope you buy one for yourself and Catholics you know. To learn more about CATgear and how they are helping schools and ministries raise money please visit their website at http://www.catgear.com/


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