This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics

by David Gray, October 24, 2014

Saint Anthony Mary Claret

October 24, 2014 | Saint Antony Mary Claret, Priest, Pray For Us!

This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics features the best articles from around the internet concerning faith proposals and defenses of the Catholicism from Friday of the previous week through Thursday of the current week.

14 Compelling Defenses and Proposals of the Faith

  • Sola Fide in the Parable of Pharisee and Tax Collector? – Nick
  • Did the Papacy Exist While John Was Alive? – Joe Heschmeyer
  • Mary the Mother of God: Idolatry or Clear Biblical Teaching? – Dave Armstrong
  • Miracles and the Mother of God – Susan Skinner
  • Why bother with Mary? – Victor S. E. Moubarak
  • The 12 “Grammatical Rules” for Talking About Jesus Christ – Ben Myer
  • Misconceptions about Death, Angels and the Day of the Dead – Cristobal Almanza
  • What Is the Grace of Final Perseverance? – Nicholas Hardesty
  • Why Is Religion Necessary for Happiness? – Fr. Leslie Rumble
  • Can We Know God’s Existence with Certainty? – Dr. Edward Feser
  • What is a Soul? – Dr. Edward Feser
  • How Materialism Refutes Itself – Kenneth Hensley
  • VIDEO: On Trial for Being Catholic – Team Aleteia
  • AUDIO: Why Do Catholics Baptize Babies? The Covenantal Argument – Dr. Taylor Marshall

    3 Things About Catholic History

  • The Greatest Historical Miracle You’ve Never Heard Of – Stephen Beale
  • The Galileo Affair – The Most Misunderstood Historical Event? – Tim O’Neill
  • Why the Crusades Were “Glorious” – Steve Weidenkopf

    3 Things About Conversion

  • Why Are Converts So Appealing? – Shaun McAfee
  • Interview with Dr. Holly Ordway, Atheist Convert to Catholicism – Brandon Vogt
  • An Unexpected Journey – Conversion Story of Mark Lindeblad – Mark Lindeblad
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