This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics

by David Gray, November 1, 2014

Saint Quentin

October 31, 2014 | Saint Quentin, Martyr, Pray For Us!

This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics features the best articles from around the internet concerning faith proposals and defenses of the Catholicism from Friday of the previous week through Thursday of the current week.

15 Compelling Defenses and Proposals of the Faith

  • The Failure of Protestant Emotionalism – David L. Gray
  • Reformation Day: To Celebrate or Lament? – Denise Bossert
  • Why Was Luther Wrong Part 5 – The Papacy – Scott Windsor
  • 44 Detailed Criticism of the Theology of Evolution – Lawrencinium T.R. Jones
  • Is There A New Covenant Ministerial Priesthood? – Tim Staples
  • Cardinal Kasper’s Error on God – Brother André Marie
  • Statement by Origen on Tradition – Michael Barber
  • Does Tertullian Reject Infant Baptism? – Joe Heschmeyer
  • Is One a Heretic for Desiring Women’s Ordination? – Steve Ray
  • I Opened the Bible, and I Saw the Mass!!! – Chibuzor F. Ogamba
  • Quick Apology: Losing Authority – David Bates
  • History of the title ‘Pope’ – Deeper Truth Blog
  • Eucharistic Miracle of Skete Egypt 3rd Century – Deeper Truth Blog
  • A Brief Discussion on Pre-Marital Sex and Same-Sex Marriage – Jason Izolt
  • Why Contraception is Wrong – John McNichol

    5 Responses to Theism and Non-Theism

  • Prayer, Science, and the Existence of God – Trent Horn
  • On God’s Responsibility for Atheism – Joseph G. Trabbic
  • Living in a University that Worships a Pimply Teenager – Dr. Stacy Trasancos
  • Islam 101 – A Crash Course – Andrew Bieszad
  • Mad Intelligence: The Secularist Response to Islam – Rev. George W. Rutler

    11 Things About Purgatory, All Souls, All Saints, and All Hallows Eve

  • Prayer, Purgatory, and All Souls Day – Cari Donaldson
  • When Souls in Purgatory Return from the Dead – Susan E. Wills
  • A Crash Course on Purgatory (Why Care) – Anabelle Hazard
  • All Souls, Purgatory, and the Bible – Troy Hinkel
  • This is what Purgatory is Really Like – Bill Dunn
  • All Saints: All Filled with the One Desire to Live in Christ – Canonry
  • Resources on Halloween and All Saints/Souls Day – Nicholas Hardesty
  • Halloween and All Saints Day – Fr. William Saunders
  • Hallowe’en & Hallowtide – David Warren
  • Halloween: A Very Catholic Holiday – Monique Ocampo
  • REWIND: What is Purgatory, and is it a Reasonable Belief? – David L. Gray

    6 Things About Evangelization & Conversion

  • Evangelists Need Apologetics, and Apologists Need Philosophy – Matthew Bauer
  • Journey from Westminster Theological Seminary to Catholic Priest – Fr. Albert Scharbach
  • A Seventh-day Adventist’s Long Way Home – CHN
  • VIDEO: How St. John Paul II Led Me to the Catholic Church – Dr. Taylor Marshall
  • VIDEO: Conversion Story of Dr. Matthew Cabeen from Evangelicalism – The Journey Home
  • VIDEO: Conversion Story of Fr. Bill Kneemiller from New Age Religion – The Journey Home
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