s we move beyond the five hundred year anniversary of the Protestant reformulation on October 31, 2017, I have been looking back and examining the new things that Protestantism brought. In this installment I’m looking at the Black American Protestant Church.

The failure of the Black Protestant Church in America is a topic that I’ve touched on in the past. Most recently in my 8/13/14 article Catholic Response to the Shooting Death of Michael Brown, and more pointedly in my 11/18/2013 article Can the Catholic Church Save the Black American Community?. In short, I find that the Black Protestant Church is destroying the Black community in America; to the point that today there is no longer a ‘community’ (in the truest sense of the word) of Blacks in America. The riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in response to the shooting death of Michael Brown, serve as the optimal backdrop to narrate how the fruit of Protestantism ruins every community it enters.

Perhaps you’ll agree with me in saying that if the same series of events that led a White police officer of the Ferguson, Missouri police department shooting an eighteen-year-old unarmed Black male occurred just fifty years ago (1964), and the same outcome was reached by a grand jury to not prosecute the officer in question, the response by the affected community would have looked significantly different from it did this year. For example, there would have been protests and demonstrations, but they would have been peaceful. There would not have been riots and there would not have been any looting. the most important distinction to be made is that the leaders of the protests and demonstrations would have been local Black Protestant pastors who the local community respected.

These series of protests and demonstrations across the United States, in response to the events which unfolded around the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, are the first series of protests and demonstrations by Blacks in America that have not been organized and led by Black Protestant clergy. One might argue that the failure of the Black clergy to calm the atmosphere that led to the August 1965 race riots in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California were the first sign that the Black Protestant Church was losing its moral and spiritual authority over a community that had once looked upon it as a keystone.

The Black Community Prior to Desegregation

Prior to desegregation, the three pillars of the Black American community were the Protestant church, fraternal organizations (primarily the Masonic Lodge and Greek Letter organizations), and governmental intermediaries (e.g. the NAACP and the Urban League). In fact, whenever I give a speech on Black fraternal history, I make it a point to explain how and why it is that the story of Blacks in America cannot be accurately told without delving into the impact that the Black Church and the fraternal organizations had in its maturity. For example, without the Black Church and the Masonic Lodge, there would not have been an underground-railroad. Without the Black Greek-letter organizations, there would not have been a Black bourgeoisie class in the early 1900’s.

Prior to desegregation, there was actually such a thing as ‘the Black community‘, because was ‘unity’. In this Black community, there were homes, stores, banks, and other businesses owned by people in the community, not by Arabs and Asians that we see today. There was a Protestant Church on every corner, rather than a liquor store and a cell phone store that we see today. On Sunday, it was a requirement that you go to church. Although these Protestant churches espoused different doctrines from one another, the social teaching was the same out of every one of them. It was a social theology of self-esteem, empowerment, liberation, and responsibility. It was not tied to the politics of the Democratic National Committee prior to desegregation.

The Black Disunity After Integration

When people like my step-father realized that they could move into a better neighborhood, and with better schools many of them did. There was an exodus of the educated, professional, and business-owning bourgeoisie class of the Black community from the late 1960’s into the 1980’s in Black America. This exodus left a vacuum of leadership that was filled with a devolving class of degenerates over the next twenty to thirty years.

Gradually the membership of the Masonic Lodge, Elks, and all of those other keystones of leadership in the Black community began to become transient. The same pattern of degentrification happened to many of the Black Catholic Churches, such as Saint Dominic’s in Columbus, Ohio, whose struggles I wrote about in June of 2014.

Also left behind was the Black Protestant Church, which was compelled, same as the NAACP and the Urban League to champion the Democratic Party because the lower class of people who they were now serving needed government assistance, and the Democratic party was pushing a program that said that if you need it, the government would provide you with food (stamps), clothing, money, and shelter, but even more abundantly so if your home has only one parent and no one is working.

This was actually a program for the government to replace the father in the home, and it did so in the new Black disunity. Over the next few decades we found that with no call to be a responsible man or to take care of his household, the urban Black boy never became more than that. With no reason gain honest work or to educate himself beyond the streets, crack-cocaine, gangs, and Black on Black crime were mere fruits of the Democrat’s ‘fatherless home’ program.

In the pews of the Protestant Churches in the new Black disunity were mostly women. The men weren’t marrying the woman and still aren’t today. They were going to prison, where 1/3 still go today or having multiple children with multiple women, which they are still doing today.

What was the Protestant Church to do except promote the party of welfare slavery? Were they to tell these struggling mothers, who couldn’t make it without free housing and food stamps, to struggle working two jobs, while they go back to school to improve their economic prospects? Were they to tell them to be sexually chaste, while the Democratic party was telling them to have more children so that we can give you more welfare benefits and a free house with more rooms? The Black Protestant felt that if we can’t beat them, join them . . .

Once they fell into league with that party and their support from the community depended upon their ongoing support of the party of welfare, it came with a stiff price. They had to reject the authority of Scripture and go along with that party’s abortion-genocide of agenda. They knew that the Democratic Party was going to do everything it could to kill off Black children in America, but it was either go along with that plan or lose their congregations. Even Reverend Jesse Jackson changed from being pro-life to being pro-abortion so that he could run for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination (READ: The Liberal Black Agenda Against their Own Race).

Now the Black Protestant Church wants to preach peace, while it promotes violence in the womb of woman? It wants to preach freedom from social oppression, while it supports the party of economic slavery? No wonder why the young people don’t respect the clergy. No one respects a hypocrite.

Disunity Breeds Disunity

I’m narrating a story here to show you how the worst possible things happened to a people at the worst possible time, and how a sect of churches failed to be counter-cultural when it needed to be the most.

The disunity of the Protestant religion wasn’t as harmful when it was part of a strong community. Prior to desegregation and degentrification, the Black community thrived in spite of its disunified religion, but when that community disappeared the disunified Protestant Church became a millstone around the neck of its congregants.

Indeed, everywhere the poison of Protestantism has spread in this world, it has disunified communities, families, and countries. There is nowhere anyone can find where Protestantism has unified anyone. From Europe to South America to North America, Protestantism has done nothing but divide one against the other. It cannot unify people because, by its very nature, it breeds dissension and division.

There is no freedom in Black Protestant theology. It’s a trap like no other. Since desegregation, the Black Protestant church has been preaching a theology of victimization, while supporting a political agenda of subjugation through economic slavery and genocide. It’s created a people who feel entitled to be ignorant and stupid.

The Ferguson Riots Are the Fruit of Protestantism

Black America has a great deal to be thankful for to the Black Protestant church. It was the church that was there during and after slavery. The ability Protestantism offers for one to just up and start their own denomination afforded a people who were shut out of White congregations, including far too many Catholic Churches, schools and religious orders, the opportunity to worship Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Yet, naturally, that church has lost its way and its spiritual, moral, and social authority in the Black commdisunity. It was once a keystone, but now is just a tool of a political party that is hell-bent on killing every Black child in the womb, replacing the Black father, and economically enslaving everyone. At this point in history, there is no difference between the Black Protestant Church, the NAACP, and the Democratic party.

The Ferguson riots happened for many reasons surrounding unmet expectations and the old Biblical principle of reaping what you sow. Yet, the main thing that created an environment in which those riots could fester, was the disunifying nature of Protestantism. Inevitably, it will always fail to bring all people together. As long as Black Americans continue to cling to the very things that divide and destroy them, there will never be a Black community.

Only the Universal (truly Catholic) Church was instituted by Christ to accomplish such an amazing feat of unifying all people of God. It’s just too bad that the Catholic Church hasn’t even tried to offer (truly evangelize) the Black commdisunity another option, other than recruiting young Blacks to play sports at Catholic schools . . . .


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