How the Black Protestant Church Helped Destroy the Black Community

by David Gray, July 10, 2015

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In a number of my previous videos I briefly talked about how the the majority Black Americans has been voting for the Democratic Party for nearly 80 years, but has become worse off for it.

When you just look at the raw numbers. 24% of Black families are in poverty, compared to 10% white, and 15% of the total population. 67% of black children being raised in single parent homes, compared to 25% of whites and 35% of the total population. Blacks account for 37% of those incarcerated in prison, compared to 32% whites. Now those numbers look close until you remember that Blacks only account for 13% of the population in the united states, compared to 17% hispanics and 62% percent whites. So there is a great disparity there that affects the Black population much than than it does the white population. And even though we are a minority group we account for 36% of all abortions – 1 in 3 Black children conceived are abortion. We have a 42% graduation rate from college, compared to 62% whites. We are also leading in high dropout rates and sexual trasmitted diseases reported.

Now one way to answer this tragedy that has beset the Black disunity is to point to poverty, but obviously when you are talking about leadings in STDs, dropout rates, incarceration, and children being conceived out of wedlock – these are all things that are present in almost every poor society throughout the world, FOR THE MOST PART.

Then when we look as to why blacks are in greater poverty than the rest of the population, we have to point the finger at the Democratic Party, who through President Roosevelt’s New deal and President Johnson’s War on Party, which focused on giving handouts that only discouraged self-improvement and thereby created a culture of government dependency, displacement of the role of the father, and generational low expectations.

That’s absolutely true the ideology and agenda of the Democratic National Committee has done nothing but put blacks back into slavery and bondage. Just as they depended on the plantation master for food, shelter, and protection, they now depend on the government. The abortion genocide that the Democrats support is the new lynching. Planned Parenthood is the new KKK. The psychological controls of getting blacks to think the republican party is bad and Blacks don’t become republican is the new Jim Crow law to keep blacks in line.

We all know that, but one thing we don’t look at is that institution that is even more close to blacks than the democratic party – that’s the Black Protestant Church.

Now back when Black were republicans the Black Protestant church did a lot of good. It helped blacks escape through the underground railroad, it established colleges after the republican reconstruction, before desegregation the black church was the backbone of the Black community.

Now what happened after desegregation is that the achilles heel of the Black Protestant Church was exposed. It’s most unscriptural and demonic side became the sword against the community that it sought to help.

What I’m talking about is Church denominations that you can’t find any justification for in scripture, that have taken a people who after its community and traditions were torn apart by desegregation needed a unified faith, a unified message, a unified strategy, and a unified agenda and INSTEAD parsed them out into thousands of competing denominations, even those denominations that call themselves non-denominational and thereby pitted black against black and scattered them with competing faiths, messages, strategies and agenda.s

See as long as the black community was unified through segregation, the disunifying aspect of the protestant church didn’t matter much, but when desegregation shattered that unity, not only was there not anything there to keep them focused, but what was there – the black protestant church made matters all the worse because all it does is divide and multiply like roaches.

Then when the the Black church became a pawn of the Democratic party. When the DNC started recruiting black preachers to run for office, and start using churches as a place to promote its agenda – the destruction of the Black disunity moves to new heights. And this is where we are today.

It’s not just the imperialistic agenda of the DNC that I talked about in the my video the racists agenda of that party, that has stagnated the black disunity, but their agenda could not have been accomplished without the natural and intentional disunifying agenda of the Black Protestant Church

Now some may quibble here and say that the white community also has protestant churches, why aren’t they divided. Well, the reason white Americans aren’t as negatively affected by the disunifying nature of unscriptural protestant denominationalism is because when Whites came to take this country they were already unified Englishmen who had a common reason for leaving the crown.

Then they became even more unified by fighting for their freedom. Even later on the Irish came here unified. The italians came here unified. In the civil war they fight each other to unify. Now while White americans do have traditional had factions – left or right – protestant or catholic – yankee or rebel, they’ve always unified behind a common enemy.

Now let’s look at blacks. Our ancestors came here disunified slaves – given new names – new masters – divided onto plantations – divided between field and house slaves – and we’ve never come together in this country. We’ve never even had a common enemy that has rallied all of us. At every opportunity we have either been divided or sought division amongst ourselves.

Starting with the Black protestant church – very early on some became methodist, some episcopalian, one or two became catholic, then someone starts an AMEZ church, then an AME church. Then after we get out of slavery and start going to college, our educated class divide themselves into competing greek later fraternities and sororities, then the educated rich class further divide themselves into jack and jill and the boule.

Clearly, unity is a key formula for a family and a society to progress, but everything we have seen with Blacks in America is disunity from in the very beginning. Every organization endeared by blacks offers unity, but create disunity. So the question becomes. Well, what is that one that thing can end all of the division in the black disunity and bring it together so that it might be more healthy and begin to progress out of it’s suicidal condition.

Well, the answer to that question is the Catholic Church, the only community of Churches that Christ Jesus Himself established and gave us as a gift through His Apostles that has held on to the same Apostolic teaching from the beginning.

I’ll talk more about how the Catholic Church is the solution to heal the Black disunity in American in the next video.

This has been a word with David l. Gray. For more information about the content of this video visit me online at DavidLGray.INFO. Subscribe to this YouTube Channel to receive updates of new content. Follow me on social media. And until then and until next time, Blessings and Shalom to you and to yours.


    • Tim
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    • July 12, 2015

    Well said Mr. Gray. I pray that you continue to gain traction with your ideas. They are aligned with objective reality.

    • Achilles
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    • February 28, 2016

    Well said! This is why I've always felt drawn to the Catholic Church. I will be confirmed into the church this coming Easter. I look forward to raising my future children in the faith!

    • Welcome home. Give me an email sometime. I'd love to interview you over at My Catholic Tube for the My Catholic Conversion Show.

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