The 4 Attacks Homosexuals Make on the Bible & Jesus

by David Gray, October 26, 2015

This is the common fourfold attack against orthodox Christians by those want to press the agenda of normalize homosexuality.

The first response is to cherry-pick the Bible by telling us we are cherry-picking it.
The second is to lie on Jesus by saying that he never said anything about homosexuality
The third is to lie on Jesus by saying that he was apathetic. That he had a false form of love.
The fourth is lie on the Bible and say that it evolves

The first one is a classic of liberals. In fact, Don Lemon of CNN recently used an episode of West Wing in which the Josiah Bartlet cherry-picks the Bible to win an argument against the left’s stereotype of conservative. Yeah you heard me right, Don Lemon – a CNN anchor – used a fictional TV show to try to argue theology against a politician.

Here take a look at the argument.

This popular argument by homosexuality normalizers have three big problems. The first is that you can’t accuse Christians of not following Old Covenant Mosaic Commands, we’re not Jews. We are not called to obey’s Moses 613 precepts.

Second throughout the Gospels Jesus is repeating telling his opponents I know what Moses said to you, and this is why he said it, but now I say to you.And Jesus able to say with authority – I SAY TO YOU and to relevant and fulfill the Mosaic law and even the 10 commandments to a new level, because he is God the Son. And we’ll talk about what God said about homosexuality in a second.

But third, you can’t acknowledge that the Old Testament calls homosexual acts an abomination, but not also recognize that the New Testament does as well in the first chapter of the book of Romans. So there is a continuity here with homosexulaity that we don’t see with the other Mosaic laws like the prohibition against tattoos or stoning adulterers. Again, you can’t rail against Christians for being consistent. The prohibition against homosexulity is in the OT and the NT, the prohibition against tattoos is not.

Next they say that Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality, with the truth of the matter is that Jesus did. Read Matthew 19 and Mark 10 where Jesus responds to the question of divorce and remarriage, by pointing all the way back to the beginning – to Adam and Eve and says tells his interlocutors – , “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘ ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?

So Jesus recognizes the original plan for man to be with woman, because she is his opposite – she compliments him – and for this reason what is was two things, becomes one thing – one flesh.

So while homosexual acts and marriage may be legal, they can never be natural. In the sameness of genders we don’t find our opposite or compliment that can be come one with or that we can produce life with. For this reason it is unnatural. Take 100 homosexual men and put them on an island and come back in a 100 years. All that remains is bones. Why? Because it’s unnatural – it doesn’t produce life. It only leads to death. It can be legal – sure, but it’s not natural. It doesn’t belong to the original order of things that Jesus is pointing to. In the beginning.

And because it’s not natural it is biologically unhealthy. And that’s just common sense that people shouldn’t play around in poop in anal cavities. We aren’t pigs – we don’t play in poop – that’s nasty. That’s unnatural. Indeed Jesus addresses homosexulity when he points to the natural union of opposites, not sames – in marriage

The third thing we always hear is that Jesus just wants us to love each other and love doesn’t judge – they’ll cherry-pick some Bible verses here about judging as well. But the common sense question is why would you believe someone loves if they don’t care what you do? That’s not love – that’s apathy. True love always desires the best for it object of love. God is love. He perfectly desires the best for us, which is union with him, which comes from our holiness through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, all sin separates us from God, and if you love me you will pray for me to be holy and admonish and correct me if you become aware of my sin. Likewise, I for you. That’s love. Love gives a damn. Love wants you in Heaven, not Hell. If you have anyone in your life telling you they love you, but don’t care about your sins – excuse that person from your light RIGHT NOW! Because that’s not love. That’s HATE. That’s Hate

But when all else fails, the fall back by homosexulity nomalizers that is the Bible evolves – that we aren’t living in Biblical times anymore. Quick Clue – The WORD of God is not a Book that the Catholic Church published in the late 4th Century. The WORD of God is an eternal Person named Jesus Christ. HE IS THE TRUTH, and the nature of TRUTH is that it doesn’t change. If homosexual acts were a sin 5000 years ago – it’s still a sin. Truth doesn’t change. This is basic.

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