Debunking Islam’s Jesus Substitution Theory (Myth) – Evangelizing Muslims

by David Gray, December 15, 2015

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  • Qur’an Al’Nisa 4:157,159 claims that Jesus was not actually crucified; that a resemblance of Him was placed on another man, and that man was crucified. These verses further state that Christians can’t prove that Jesus was crucified and resurrected on the Third Day.

    This is a big fat lie, and in this video I set out to debunk the Substitution Theory, by showing the logical errors of Muhammad’s claim and by listing the evidence we have to prove that Jesus was resurrected and appeared to many prior to His Ascension to Heaven.

    If we truly want to stop Islamic violence, we have to learn methods to evangelize Jesus to Muslims. For, whenever a Muslim encounters the true Jesus, they abandon Islam and run to Jesus, their Lord and God.

    Have you ever had that moment when you said something you actually believe, then you hear Donald Trump say the same thing and it sounds extreme? Okay, so I had that moment. A video ago I said because the Qur’an will always be interpreted literally by some people, there will always be violent Muslims looking to kill and conquer. I still believe that is true. Unless Islam gets a Pope or just one authentic and infallible interpreter of the Qur’an that all muslims have to assent to, there will always people to who will take the violent verses in the Qur’an literally, but you can’t really ban Islam without offering an alternative, and there is one alternative to banning Islam that would be more effective.

    Do you know when a Christian decides to convert to Islam? It’s when they no longer believe that Jesus is who He says he is in scripture. Do you know when a Muslim converts to Christianity? It’s when they come to no longer believe who Muhamad said Jesus is. It’s really that simple.

    The alternative to banning Islam as a means to stop Islamic violence is we have to convince every Muslims that the Jesus in the Qur’an is a lie, a lie that’s not based on any credible historical fact, reality or just basic logic. And this is very easy to argue because the Jesus of the Qur’an, which was written over five centuries after Jesus resurrected from the dead, is flatly illogical. He makes no sense whatsoever.

    Jesus in the Qur’an is complete contradiction to the actual eyewitness accounts of Jesus and of the testimony of those who KNEW His disciples. The Biblical account and the Qur’an’s account of Jesus cannot BOTH be true. And it therefore follows, that if the Muhammad told a lie about Jesus, then what else did he lie about?

    When it comes its claims about Jesus the Qur’an is really a house cards that comes tumbling down when it lies that Jesus was not crucified is proven false.

    4-157 – The Qur’an says that Jesus was not crucified, but that a resemblance of Jesus was put over another man and the killed that man.

    This is known as the Substitution Theory
    – BUT WHY would God substitute someone else for the man that Qur’an confirms was born of a virgin by the breath of God. What would be God’s motive? Islam doesn’t dare answer that question. But the most important thing to realize here is that this is a necessary argument for Islam to make, because if Jesus didn’t die to build bridge and close the gap between God and man, by once and for all redeeming man and paving way for the Baptism to heal us from the original sin, then, it therefore, follows that Jesus was nothing but a prophet; that he was not who he says says; that he is not co-eternal and of the same substance of His Father.

    So, from its very outset the claims of Islam appears to be very suspicious – it appears to be a Strawman argument built up to tear down. Islam needs this story to be true for Muhammad to be considered to be a legitimate prophet, the claims of the Christianity have to be false. Moreover, being that Islam is making claims about that Jesus that NO ONE made for six hundred years, it necessitates that this revelation must come from a divine source. It can’t originate with man if it is to be considered legitimate.

    – THE second thing that Islam doesn’t tell us if God made someone else look like Jesus and that person was crucified. Who was that person? This is the most essential question of them all, because this guise that God placed over this man was so convincing that it didn’t just fool the Apostles, the Jews, and Pontius Pilate, but it fooled Jesus OWN Mother. Mary was there at the crucifixion.

    More than that, if it wasn’t Jesus who was crucified, who was that who was put in tomb, who wasn’t there when it was found opened on the third day? Did God someone send some people to push a stone away and bury the body somewhere? We have to know the answer to this question, because if God put an innocent man up on the cross to die in place of Jesus, God is guilty of murder, and in ever murder case, we need to know what was done with the body? Where’s the body?

    – THIRD, If Jesus wasn’t crucified, then who was this person who was appearing to people after the crucifixion who was walking through walls, ascending in sky, and appearing to 500 people in different places all at the same time. This isn’t a myth. These are eyewitnesses accounts that no one refuted. When Paul wrote 1 Corinthians, and said that 500 people saw the resurrected Jesus, he said those eyewitnesses were still alive and they could have refuted his claim, but no one did.

    This is very important, because on the basis of Jesus resurrection life in the middle east immediately and eventually throughout asia minor, africa, europe and the rest of the world. You had Jews turning to worship on Sunday, rather than Saturday. They were saying they were eating a communion meal that they were claiming was the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. They were saying that Jesus was the the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Old Testament. Apostles and disciples were being persecuted and killed over on this belief. That’s illogical.

    – AND the fact that the the two major Hadith (the oral interpretive traditions of the Qur’an) are absolutely silent on trying to make sense of the Jesus Substitution Idea is further proof of how stupid and illogical it is. Even today, Muslim scholars are all over the board about how to make sense of this story that Muhammad or the demon he was hearing from had to invent to bring credibility to this new teaching.

    Because the Qur’an raises more questions about Jesus than it answers, and because it completely contradicts the Biblical account, we have to ask to question why would be trust a story about Jesus that is written over 600 years after he died, over an account of Jesus by those who actually knew him. Muslims make the argument that the Qur’an is more trustworthy than the Bible because we don’t have the original manuscripts. This is true, but what we do have is over 24,000 thousand copies of the early manuscripts in the Greek, Syriac, Latin, Coptic, and Aramaic languages that are nearly identical with other.

    These manuscripts are copies of the original, all of which were composed before the close of the first century, and most within two to three decades of Jesus, resurrection, which means they were composed while there were relatives, followers and eye eyewitnesses of Jesus still alive. In fact the Gospel of Luke opens up claiming that he wrote his gospel based upon eyewitness accounts.

    If I wanted to know about the life of Malcolm X, would I trust some dream that some six year old had about him, or would I trust what people who actually knew him said – his family, his friends, and his followers? We have to believe eyewitness accounts over whatever some guy said he heard in a trace while he was in cave. There is no logical reason to trust the Qur’an’s account of Jesus over the New Testament account. None whatsoever.

    We have to give Muslims a reason to encounter the real the Jesus, because He is wonderful to encounter. The real Jesus changes lives. He has power. He heals. He brings peace. It’s always been a trick of Satan to offer a fake Jesus, who has no power, doesn’t change lives, doesn’t heal, doesn’t bring peace. Islam has the fake Jesus and that’s why it’s in the condition that it’s in.

    And if you don’t want to ban Islam, the only alternative is to become a martyr and put your life on the line to share with Muslims why Muhammad’s Jesus isn’t real and show them how the Jesus of the Bible came to love on them.

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      • February 10, 2016

      Islam does not allow the followers to think. The religion is hijacked by some and they assume all authority. Why all of them do not rise against terrorism ? Because violence and nonviolence are permissible and this philosophy creates confusion among the reasonable people. To defeat Christianity they project such stories which have no credibility.

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