The Greatest Failure of Modern Catholicism

he faithful practice of what the Catholic Church teaches (i.e. Catholicism) in the West is dying and is on life-support. Whether you accept this statement – on face value – as being true depends solely upon what your understanding of what is meant by the phrase ‘faithful practice’. Continuing without … Continue reading

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David Gray, April 24, 2018

Why the Biblical Definition of the Word ‘Christian’ Only Applies to Catholics

or some, the title of this article may seem to be unnecessarily abrasive and polemic to both Protestants and Catholics, yet, let’s agree on one basic premise; that, all ‘words’ have an etymology; that is, original meaning, which can be traced back to their original usage and a modern usage. … Continue reading

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David Gray, October 30, 2017

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Worship Experience at Mass

It is a paradox that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a great Mystery that demands our whole self to be captured by so that our whole self might be set free. Yet, how difficult it is to always be offering the full self at all of the Mass?

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David Gray, July 30, 2016

Anti-Catholic Myths and Lies: #3 Jesus, Christmas & Easter are of Pagan Origin

As we have seen with the two earlier Anti-Catholic Myths and Lies (Constantine Founded the Catholic Church and the Pope is the Antichrist), the origin of these mendacious stories are always grounded in someone's wild imagination, which has not connection to historical facts.

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David Gray, December 14, 2015

Anti-Catholic Myths and Lies: #2 The Pope is the Antichrist

Those who posit that the Pope or the papacy is the Antichrist are troubled to be able to actually prove it, especially through Scripture alone, to which they have to rely, otherwise be found to be inconsistent at minimum for their reliance on interpretative tradition, which began with man who clearly was a mentally disturbed and very prideful.

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David Gray, November 3, 2015