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Lectionary Cycle BReflections on Mass Readings

Jesus’ Teaching on Minding Your Own Business

There are two things in this life that are spiritually unhealthy; the first thing is meddling in God’s business; the second is meddling in Satan’s business. The latter will frustrated you, while the former will possess you. The best place to be is minding the business that God has given you to mind – tending to the things that God has given you to tend to.

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The Dailies (Current Events)

Catholic Priests Need to Quit Signing Marriage Licenses!

For a Catholic Priest to affirm to the state, by his signature, that he has officiated a marriage ceremony, what he is saying is that he agrees and cooperates with the state’s definition of marriage. In this way, he is behaving the complete opposite of Kim Davis. He is certifying, by his signature, that the state’s definition of marriage is acceptable to the Church.

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A Fresh Perspective SeriesLectionary Cycle BReflections on Mass Readings

A Fresh Perspective on God’s Obsession with Food & Wine

Therefore, being that Exodus 12:24 is a Permanent Law – a Perpetual Command, if Jesus doesn’t fulfill it – if it is not part of His body of work according this His statement in Matthew 5:17, that He came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it, then He not the Messiah or Lord; rather, He is a liar, a lunatic, and a sadist.

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David L. Gray

Do Black Republicans Hate Themselves? (Black Self-Hate)

This video responds to the tendency of Black Democrats and Liberals to always accuse Black Republicans and Conservatives of hating themselves. They say that Black Conservatives and Republicans are filed with Self-Hate on the basis that they don’t support the Democratic Party, as if being Black means you are by nature required to vote Democrat; that being a Black Americans is somehow eternally tied to the party that has done everything they can to destroy Blacks in America.

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My Catholic Tube Videos

Jim and Julie nicholson

Protestant Converts Jim and Julie Nicholson on ‘My Catholic Conversion’

Julie Nicholson and her husband Jim were lifelong Protestants. When I say they were ‘lifelong Protestants’ I mean that they at one point in time had tried almost every Protestant denomination at least once. Then that journey of futility finally ended when they discovered the Catholic Church. Listen to their testimony in this episode of ‘My Catholic Conversion’, and find out how they stumbled onto the only Church that Christ Jesus Established through His Apostles.

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