A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that the Vatican must answer questions posed by the plaintiff in a sex-abuse suit.

Judge Michael Mosman granted “limited discovery,” ordering the Vatican to produce evidence showing whether or not the late Father Andrew Ronan, the accused abuser, was a Vatican employee.

The Vatican has informed the federal court that a priest’s behavior is supervised by the local diocese, not by the Holy See. The attorney representing the Vatican, Jeffrey Lena, also points out that the Vatican was unaware of complaints against Ronan until after the reported abuse took place.

Nevertheless, Judge Mosman said in his ruling that the plaintiff had “proffered evidence that tends to show the Holy See knew of Ronan’s propensities and that in some cases, the Holy See exercised direct control over the conduct, placement, and removal of individual priests accused of similar sexual misconduct.”

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Really nothing new here. More lawsuits being brought against the Catholic Church because of priest’s who allegedly abused minors thirty to forty years ago. And Jeffrey Anderson, the attorney who has made over one hundred million dollars in legal fees from representing victims since 1983 who claimed that they were abused by former Catholic priests in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s, is at the center of this drama.

After raiding the coffers of Catholic Dioceses throughout the United States, and collecting around 40% in legal fees from the victims, Anderson seems to believe that he has found his next fat pay check at the doorsteps of Vatican City. Is Anderson just a tool of Satan or a man who will do anything for greed and revenge?

Anderson, 62, once told the Associated Press that ‘it’s not about the money’. Trust me, whenever anyone says that ‘it’s not about the money’ it usually all about the money, but there is something deeper to Anderson’s hatred of the Catholic Church, in that he tries to connect dots that cannot be connected.

After more than a decade after his legal battles with church officials began, Anderson’s adult daughter revealed that as an 8-year-old she was molested by a therapist she was seeing as Anderson and his first wife were going through a divorce. The therapist, Anderson said, was a former Catholic priest. Anderson said that the pain of that revelation “brought another dimension to the experience.” But he said he concluded years earlier that the responsibility for shuffling around problem priests and covering up their indiscretions would extend to the Vatican. In other words, he had concluded years prior that it was all about the money, but only later made it about revenge.

So, for Anderson, the self-described “former atheist” who rediscovered faith in God through his recovery from alcoholism, going after the Church’s money is his way of getting wealthy on other’s pain, but it is also his way of getting revenge, feeding his unforgivingness, shame, and guilt.


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