The Dailies (Current Events) — January 11, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Philip Rivers – an Inspiring Catholic NFL Quarterback


Here is a guy, Philip Rivers, a devote Catholic, who puts up remarkable numbers every year and leads his team (the San Diego Chargers) in the playoff hunt almost every year. Sure he doesn’t kneel down after every touchdown and clutch his fist as some manner of giving glory to God, but he does do the Sign of the Cross (the oldest visible public expression of our faith), he prays the Rosary, attends Mass faithfully, receives the Sacraments, and, along with his wife, leads the type of life that Catholics can be proud to wear his jersey and buy tickets to his game, without knowing in the forefront of their head that he will be using some of his wealth to promote the ongoing Protestant war against the Catholic Church and the division of Christianity in the Philippines.

For more about this devout Catholic NFL Quarterback READ: Catholic in the NFL: A Philip Rivers Interview, by Eric Porteous in Life Teen.

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  • Andy

    Thank you – I mentioned this on another catholic website extolling the power of Tim Tebow and was promptly told I didn’t understand. I did not mention Philip Rivers, instead I spoke about another football player who is Catholic, but to no avail. Again thank you!

  • Patt

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will certainly support this fellow Catholic.
    The reason people go for Tebow is that he is openly making a show– like the Muslims
    outward signs of religion. He is also lauded as a decent fellow. We need to hear more about good Catholics in sports, so thank you. We always see boxers making the sign of the cross but rarely other sports.

  • http://mts Thomas Haverstock

    Thank for this story about Catholics sports people I do not like people like Tebow and other ant Catholics Who tell us that thy are saving the Phillippines people and the Catholics of the USA better wake up or there will a another four year off the most ant Catholics in the whites house

  • Matt R

    Patt mentioned boxers making the Sign of the Cross. I wonder how Manny Pacquiao feels about Tebow coverting those in the Philippines to Protestantism…

  • Carlos Espinosa

    I wrote this blog in July about Philip Rivers…

    Thanks and God bless..

  • Roger Linde

    You are correct about Tebow’s dad. Christians should not battle Christians. We should work together to fight the real battle against secular humanism. In all fairness to Tebow’s dad, if we Catholics were doing a good job, there would be nothing for Bob Tebow to do in the Phillipines and he would have left years ago.

    As to “sports Catholics”, Tom Brady was married in the Catholic church. Does anyone know if he is Catholic?

    Saints owner, Tom Benson, is an example of a strong Catholic who is not afraid of his faith. During the Saints-49ers game, if they show Saints owner Tom Benson’s box, look for the priests and nuns. There are usually several bishops. Mr. Benson is also very open that he has mass said before each Saints game for his family and any guests, players or staff who wish to attend.

  • James Jones

    Now… if only we could get even just 90% of our Catholic ordained shepherds and educators to actually teach regularly the truths about the Real Presence in a meaningful, compelling, and *complete* manner to Catholics in the flock… it wouldn’t be so easy for groups like BTEA to latch on to poorly catechized Catholics.

    Our battle now seems to be more of an internal battle than one from outside of Catholicism. I was just noting to myself last night that our diocese, for the most part, is pretty much a protestant-style church in both practice and theology, and we have the Real Presence there at every Mass in every parish, with hardly a soul to acknowledge what that truly means, as hardly a soul has ever been deeply and seriously taught what He told us in John 6! We have become like so many protestant denominations — we preach a gospel of nice, of happy-clappy, and of health, wealth, and prosperity. This is the smoke of Satan, I believe, that has entered into our midst, and at times it is so thick one can barely breath. This is where the enemy’s attack is the most damaging, the most effective, and accomplishing the greatest evil in our time. Right there, under our noses, and filling them with opiates of the world, the flesh, and the devil. And it is all very attractively gift wrapped with the shiny paper and pretty bows of the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel that we as Catholics love so well and are so eager to hear, and that gives Satan his most delight. God help us and convert our clergy and educators who are welcoming and promoting this disease into our midst.


    • Yoseph M. Daviyd

      James you paint a very scary picture, and unfortunately I think you are dead right. We all some work to do don’t we? God help us!