coon, uncle tom, sell-outSince 2007 Blacks have really gotten super sensitive about Barack Obama. Back then if you were for anyone other than Barack, even Hillary Clinton after awhile, you were considered to be an ‘Uncle Tom‘; which is a epithet to mean that you are a Black person that acts White and/or does things that ‘White people do’. There’s nothing worse in the Black community than being called a ‘Tom’ or ‘Coon’ or a ‘Sell-Out’ – it’s almost as bad as someone saying ‘Yo Momma’; meaning it’s fighting words.
In general, Blacks are very protective of President Obama. They are so protective that I think we should just get rid of the Secret Service all together and just let liberal Blacks protect Obama – they’d do a much better job at it, and you wouldn’t even have to pay them – they’d do it for free – they’d do it just to be near him – to inhale his exigence – and be able to post pictures with him on their Facebook page. We could save millions of dollars in taxpayers dollars if we hand the protection of Obama over to liberal Blacks.

But seriously, it’s absolutely puzzling to me – I’m completely beside myself – utterly and hilariously befuddled that Black conservatives get called these derogatory names by Blacks due to some love affair they have with Obama, when the fact of the matter is that he isn’t even one of them! His father was from Kenya, Africa and his mother was White. He was raised by his White grandparents in Hawaii, and graduated from Princeton and Harvard. As a matter of Black American roots, upbringing, and education he has absolutely nothing in common with 99% of Black people, and has proven, because of that reason and others, that he cannot relate to our experience as Black Americans any substantive way. Obama is not a real Black American; he’s legitimately an African American!
I actually thought Obama might be Black when I heard about Jeremiah Wright, but then it turned out that the only reason why he started going to Church in the first place is because the people who he was community organizing with in Chicago told him that he needed to join a Church in the community. Then when we found out what he actually believes, it turned out that his personal theology isn’t even Christian.
Succinctly, the blackest thing about Obama is his wife Michelle from the south side of Chicago. Even Bobby Rush (former Black panther), who brushed aside Obama when he challenged him for his congressional seat in 2000 said, “Barack Obama went to Harvard and became an educated fool. Barack is a person who reads about the civil-rights protests and thinks he knows all about it.”
But, notwithstanding any real facts, Blacks look at the moderate levels of Obama’s skin pigment and defend him as if he is their own family. This misplaced crush that Blacks have on him has truly changed the course of my life. If Obama was never elected I’m pretty certain I would be married now to a nice liberal lady I really had a thing for. Not only did she stop seeing me after she learned that I had become a conservative, but she unfriended me on Facebook. Now, whenever we inbox or talk and start discussing politics she inevitably gets around to calling me an Uncle Tom or White, which is even more insulting given that she is extremely light for a Black woman, her hair doesn’t kink up when it gets wet, and her name is ‘Heather’. Yeah, you read that right – a Black woman named ‘Heather’, who can pass for being something other than Black calls me ‘White’. It’s really too funny to laugh at! Seriously! 😀
It’s really backwards logic if you think about it. Black conservatives who realize that 50% of all Black children conceived in the womb are murdered through abortion (over 18 million since 1973) and usually at Planned Parenthood clinics (founded by Margaret Sanger who wanted the Black population controlled), get called ‘Coon’, but Obama who wants abortions to be more accessible, affordable, and available; thereby killing many more Black babies – doesn’t get called a ‘Coon’? Obama who spent millions in Kenya to make sure that the right to abortion was placed in their new Constitution (thereby killing more Blacks) and who has for an unofficial policy adviser Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood (#1 killer of Blacks), doesn’t get called an ‘Uncle Tom’? For more information on Obama’s aggressive plot to kill Blacks through abortion, just CLICK HERE to watch videos and CLICK HERE to read about what he has done over the last four years to succeed in this evil machination – CLICK HERE to read about Obama and Hillary teaming up to promote Eugenics Globally.
The Klu Klux Clan loves Obama, because he is systematically doing his part to destroy the Black community more efficiently and acceptably than they ever could. In fact, I’m almost certain that the KKK calls Barack Obama a ‘Coon’ and an unofficial member of their brigade.
So Black conservatives believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, and recognize the fact that HIV/AIDS is an epidemic and we get called ‘Sell Outs’, but Barack Obama, who since 2009 has done everything possible, such as repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’, not defending the Defense of Marriage Act, making the month of June Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Appreciate Month, and so many other anti-family and pro-gay things, doesn’t get called a ‘Coon’? I guess it’s perfectly peachy that Obama wants Atlanta to be more gay than it already is, even if that is possible? It’s perfectly fine that Obama wants to promote the transmission of HIV/AIDS? It’s perfectly fine that the Black family is already in shambles, with barely 25% of Black children being raised in two parent homes, but Obama wants gay families to adopt Black children?
George W. Bush appointed the last Black to the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, but Obama who hasn’t even nominated a Black to the Supreme Court doesn’t get called a ‘Coon’? George H. W. Bush appointed more Blacks to high level positions in his administration than Barack Obama has even thought about appointing, but Obama’s not an ‘Uncle Tom’?
Abraham Lincoln, Charles Sumner, Thaddeus Stevens, and almost every other abolitionist and person responsible for slavery being abolished in the 1800’s were Republicans and from then until the mid-1900’s almost every Black was also a Republic (Radical Republicans they were originally called). Blacks really didn’t start migrating to the Democratic party until welfare, food stamps, and every other Federal handout came along; starting with Franklin Roosevelt, who got 71% of the Black vote in 1932, thanks to his ‘New Deal’ welfare programs. Ever since then Democrats have been using handouts, rather than hand-up’s, to play to the Black community – and using Black preachers along the way to sell their flock down the river of sustained poverty and ineptitude.
Do Black conservatives think everything President Obama done is demonic? No – absolutely not! Do we recognize the fact that no Republican candidate is perfect? Yes! The fact is that we would have been against any liberal President; it just so happens that he’s African-American this time. And it’s not a color thing – we don’t dislike Obama because he’s Black – we dislike his policies because they are socialist and borderline communist.
Now if you want to have a discussion with us about any of the above or any of Obama’s liberal fiscal polices that we abhor then let’s have a substantive discussion without calling each other names, like ‘Coon’, ‘Uncle Tom’, or ‘Sell-out’. Surely you could articulate why you disagree with us without making it personal. . . . .

  • Are African-American Republicans Uncle Toms & Sellouts?, by Roland Martin