Catholics cannot vote for Barack ObamaIn 2008 Senator Barack Obama won 54% of the Catholic vote; John McCain captured 45%. Those identical numbers switched when it came to the Protestant vote that year. A recent poll by Pew Research found that, “. . . more than half of Catholics who had heard about the birth control rule side with the Catholic bishops.” They also found that overall, “Obama had a narrow edge overall [among registered Catholics] in the Pew survey, but Romney was slightly ahead among White Catholics.” Hispanic Catholics (about 18% of the total group of Catholic voters) tend to vote Democrat.

Overall it appears that Catholics are starting to get the message that the only sure way to protect our Church, our religious liberty, and our freedom of conscience is to put Willard Mitt Romney in office. But to overcome those Catholics who traditionally vote Democrat, and those who aren’t tuned into how religion is under attack, we must continue to help inform everyone we encounter how another four years with President Barack Obama in office negatively affects them and their Church. These reasons are also transferable to conservative Protestants, including Black Protestants.

Here are The Top 3 Reasons Why Catholics Must Not Vote for Obama in 2012

1. President Barack Obama Has Endorsed and Supported through Policy and Executive Orders Four out of the Five Issues that Catholics recognize to be Intrinsically Evil.

The Five Non-Negotiable issues in regard to public policy are:

    1. Abortion
    2. Euthanasia
    3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
    4. Human Cloning, and
    5. Homosexual marriage.

The reason why we cannot vote for any candidate who supports these issues is because they are intrinsically evil; meaning, that by their very nature they are immoral acts. These five actions are never virtuous and can never instantly produce or promote a common good. Therefore, they can never be promoted in law, and can never be deliberately performed under any circumstance. Because these actions are intrinsically evil they do not allow for a diversity of opinion, versus issue like when to go to war, when to apply the death penalty, and when should civil divorce be permitted.

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Document Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship:

“Catholics often face difficult choices about how to vote. This is why it is so important to vote according to a well-formed conscience that perceives the proper relationship among moral goods. A Catholic cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, such as abortion or racism, if the voter’s intent is to support that position. In such cases a Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in grave evil. At the same time, a voter should not use a candidate’s opposition to an intrinsic evil to justify indifference or inattentiveness to other important moral issues involving human life and dignity.

“The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made a similar point:
It must be noted also that a well-formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program or an individual law which contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals. The Christian faith is an integral unity, and thus it is incoherent to isolate some particular element to the detriment of the whole of Catholic doctrine. A political commitment to a single isolated aspect of the Church’s social doctrine does not exhaust one’s responsibility towards the common good. (Doctrinal Note on Some Questions Regarding the Participation of Catholics in Political Life, no. 4)” ~ Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship – USCCB

To vote for a person who supports any of these intrinsically evil acts is to deliberately endorse and promote that same action. In the instant case, President Obama supports four (4) out of the five (5) non-negotiable intrinsically evil actions that fundamentally conflict with the moral law and can never be performed under any circumstances. Barack Obama supports:

    1. Abortion
    2. Euthanasia
    3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and
    4. Homosexual Marriage.

Therefore, to vote for Obama in 2012 would be to endorse and promote Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and Homosexual Marriage. It would also put you out of harmony with the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church on these issues.

2. President Barack Obama is Attacking the Catholic Church and all Religions that Disagree with Him:
If there were a man outside of your house with a flame thrower who was actively engaged in doing all that he could to burn down your house would you just stand there and let him, or would you do something about it? Would you call 911 or would you invite him to a dinner to raise money for your favorite charity? If your family were inside would you try to protect them or would you let them burn to death? President Obama is the man outside of your house and his HHS Mandate is the flame thrower.

By next August 2013 there might not be any more Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Universities, Catholic Charities, large Catholic ministries like EWTN or the Knights of Columbus. The reason being is that because Obama’s HHS Mandate compels all employers (including religious employers) to offer their employees health coverage that includes products and services that are or lead to intrinsically evil acts (e.g. sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs, and contraception). If Catholic employers obey this unjust law we commit and immoral act, if we don’t obey the unjust law we will have to pay enormous fines and end up having to close.

We have faced kings, princes, emperors, and despots in the past. Satan has been using men to try to destroy the Catholic Church from within and from without for nearly 2,000 years. Consistently, they always try to come against our teachings with unjust laws and penalize us for not obeying them. They have always tried to put up our heretics as models for appropriate submission to the government. This time is no different – therefore, we must be no different. We must hold fast to our faith and be true to it no matter the cost.

3. We Must Protect Our Church, Our Community and Ourselves:
For the two reasons mentioned above we need to take action at the ballot booth this year to ensure that we as Catholics will be able to live our faith out in the open and without interference from the government. We are living in precarious times, and this election will sway the pendulum to one way or the other. What we once thought was unimaginable has become legal, and what remains to be unimaginable is soon to become legal – unless we act now for a regime change!

I am not a Bishop of the Catholic Church; therefore, what I don’t have is an institutional teaching authority. Yet, what I do have is a well formed opinion on this important issue, which has been guided and shaped by the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. I recognize that some Catholics may disagree with me and find justification to vote for President Obama again this year, and I don’t demonize those Catholics for doing so, but I do pray that they prayerfully lay their vote before the altar of Christ Jesus and vote their Catholic conscience for the best interest of God, neighbor, and self.