After hearing about New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan inviting President Barack Obama to speak again at Al Smith fundraiser for New York Catholic Charities, I had to wonder if Pope Fabian would have invited Roman Emperor Decius to dinner to help raise money for the Church. I wonder if Pope Fabian would have given honor and platform to a man who was forcing Catholics choose between government or God.

Pope Fabian, Bishop of Rome, January 10, 236 AD to January 20, 250. Martyerd for his refusal to obey the edict of Decius.

To recap for you; in January of the year 250 A.D., Roman Emperor Decius issued an imperial edict that required all inhabitants of the empire to sacrifice before the magistrates of their community ‘for the safety of the empire’ by a certain day (the date would vary from place to place and the order may have been that the sacrifice had to be completed within a specified period after a community received the edict). When their sacrifice was completed they would then obtain a certificate (libellus) recording the fact that they had complied with the order. That is, the certificate would testify the sacrificant’s loyalty to the ancestral gods and to the consumption of sacrificial food and drink as well as the names of the officials who were overseeing the sacrifice.
Historical records from that time tell us that some Catholics did save their own lives by submitting to this edict, but Catholics who refused obey the edict by making a pagan sacrifice to the Emperor and Empire’s well-being by the specified date were tortured and executed. In fact, the most prominent Catholic who refused to make that pagan sacrifice was Pope Fabian (236-250) himself who became a martyr for our faith in 250.
There isn’t a whole lot of substantive difference between Decius and Obama, nor between Decius’ edict and the Obama’s HHS Mandate. While Obama may not be killing Catholics corporeally, he is attacking the Catholic Church and all that we believe – forcing us and our institutions to choose between obeying God or submitting to his HHS Mandate.
For his invitation list to the Al Smith Dinner in 2008 Egan had an excuse, perhaps, just like majority of Catholics who voted for Obama for President; that they might not have known how radical he was on issues of abortion, eugenics, and religious freedom. But now – four years later – we know for certain that Obama is left of Satan when it comes to promoting the culture of death in this country and throughout the world.
As President of the United States Bishop’s Conference Dolan should remember well that in ‘Catholics in Political Life’, the U.S. bishops said:

“The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

The New York Catholic Charities is a Catholic institution! The Diocese of New York City is a Catholic community! If Cardinal John O’Conner didn’t invite pro-abort Bill Clinton in 1996, and if Cardinal Egan didn’t invite pro-abort John Kerry in 2004, then on what grounds could Cardinal Dolan find to invite Obama in 2012? Absolutely none! I don’t even know on what grounds Barack Obama’s photo is being featured on the official website for the Al Smith Memorial Fund, due to the great irony that my Facebook friend Margie Prox Sindelar pointed out, “Doesn’t anyone see the irony? Obama is a guest at a fundraiser, for Catholic organizations he is going to shut down via the HHS mandate?”
Today (8/6/12) I spoke with to the Communications Office of the Arch Diocese of New York and it was confirmed that President Barack Obama has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the Thursday, October 18, 2012 Alfred E. Smith Memorial Fund Dinner, along with William Mitt Romney. This fact also been confirmed on their website at
In response to this sad occurrence, DavidLGray.INFO has launched an online petition at to encourage Cardinal Dolan to rescind his invitation immediately. This scandal (technically scandalum datum and acceptum) is no less of an embarrassment than the Notre Dame Scandal of 2009.
Please Sign the Petition and et us pray for Cardinal Dolan to reconsider his decision and how inconsistent and how bad this looks. Pray for Cardinal Dolan to stand firm in the faith, and let us all pray for God to send us more Priests and Bishops like Pope Fabian.