The problem that democracies have discovered with having a constitution-alone as their standard of truth is the same problem that Protestants have discovered with having the Bible-alone (sola-scriptura) as their standard of truth. That is, it always is open to anyone’s interpretation, and interpretations tend to change over time, due to the winds of secularism, individualism, and relativism. Yet, what has not changed is the truth. The reasons why we oppose sexual relations and marriage between persons of the same gender has never changed. It’s wrong now as it has always been; regardless of how loud, influential, socially accepted, or violent lies become.

There are three basic and easy to understand the reasons why same-sex relations and marriage should be opposed by all people of sound mind; those being – (1) Sex between Same-Genders does not produce new life; (2) Sex between Same-Genders is disordered love; and (3) The promotion of Same-Sex Marriage is a form of eugenics:

Sex Between Same-Genders Does Not Produce New Life

Being that the very first commanded of God is to “Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen 1:28), and two people of the same-sex can no more produce new human life than a dog and a cat having intercourse can produce new life, we must then, therefore, concluded that sex being same genders is unnatural!

We are as equally opposed to two humans of the same gender having sexual relations as we are to a human and a farm animal having intercourse. Imagine a world in which the majority of humans were engaging in sex with persons of their own gender or with different species of mammals – in that world there would be very few children born and, as a result, we would be facing self-imposed extinction.

As I wrote in my article The Best Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage, marriage has three dimensions – it is unitive, meaning that it brings opposites together to make them one new thing; it is procreative, meaning that, because marriage unities opposites, those opposites can come together to create a new thing like themselves; and it is Divine, meaning that conjugal love and marriage were both purposed by God for each other; that is to say, that they are both holy acts when they are for each other.

This tri-unity of marriage, which resembles the likeness of the tri-unity of God can never occur in marriage between persons of the same gender. They will never be procreative because two men together or two women together just naturally lack the equipment to facilitate the creation of new life. They will never be united as one new thing because they are not opposites; moreover, such a union has not been ordered by God. Most importantly sex and marriage between persons of the same gender will never be holy, because God never ordered it as such.

Sex Between Same-Genders is Disordered Love

To understand, receive, and give love as we ought, we have to begin with the very first principle of love; that is, God is Love (Cf. 1 Jn. 4:8). Until we absorb in our heart what that reality means, every expression of our love will remain to be terribly flawed and disordered.

As I wrote in my book Cooperating with God: The Bridegroom’s Prayer, “Never be surprised that humans oftentimes express their love in the most disordered of ways. Despite what you may have heard from the world, God has never created anyone to be a practicing homosexual. There is absolutely nothing wrong with men loving men or women loving women, but homosexual acts are, by their very nature and expression, intrinsically evil and gravely disordered, and disobedient to God’s will for human beings. Because our governing nature is wounded, our actions that flow out of our nature can also prove to be disordered and sick.”

Each one of us is engaged in an unending search of the object of our heart’s desire, which is God. It is as if we have within us a homing-beacon that is constantly trying to find love, but it is not the feeling or affection of love that we truly seek, rather, our hearts are yearning for our Creator who is love itself, who created us of Him to be like Him, but because we fail to know Him or to search for Him as we ought, we end up looking for love in all the wrong places. Homosexuals are as guilty as heterosexuals in this regard. Again, until we absorb in our heart what the reality of ‘God being love’ means, every expression of our love will be terribly flawed and disordered.

The Promotion of Same-Sex Marriage is a Form of Eugenics

It comes to no surprise that the same crowd who is promoting same-sex marriage is also fully entrenched in the population control/eugenics movement through abortion, euthanasia, radical capital punishment. These people have no respect for human dignity whatsoever. The irony is that the same people who are happy that their mother and father came together to give them life will go to any means possible to make sure that as few children as possible have that same opportunity.

Sex and marriage between person of the same gender will never lead to the procreation of new life; therefore, wherever this intrinsically evil act is promoted, it not only spits in the face of God’s first command, but it is also a form of eugenics and extremely dangerous to the health of humanity.


Inasmuch as Positive Law (statutory man-made law) may change, Natural Law and Divine Law never will; but as long as man continues to pit himself against immovable objects he will always frustrate himself, and then wonder why he can’t seem to find sustained peace and joy. It remains the duty of those who have received the light of truth to continue to resist the darkness of the world, by sharing the truth in spite of the consequences, and living the truth in our own life.