Yeah, it’s true. It’s easy to be a critic, and looking over all of the articles in which I’ve been critical of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, I suppose no has had it easier than me. What can I say? I’m very wary of nice people who always have nice things to say. Celebrity bishops and priests make me nervous because Christ said the world would hate His disciples. I’m suspicious of people who intentionally avoid ruffling feathers and making people uncomfortable in their belief system, because Jesus never had that concern. What’s worse is when when they do end up ruffling a few feathers, but then apologize about it later. The only thing I like less than politicians are religious leaders who want to be politicians.

In a recent radio interview with Fred Dicker of Talk Radio 1300 AM (Albany, NY), Dicker asked Cardinal Dolan whether Governor Cuomo is in “good standing” as a Catholic, since the governor disagrees with the church “so fundamentally” on the issue of abortion. What Dicker failed to mention is that Cuomo, who purports himself to be a Catholic is actually the poster child of Canon 915, from the Church’s Code of Canon Law, which states that persons “who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.” Cuomo’s publicly known grave sins are that he aggressively supports abortion, gay marriage, and lives with his girlfriend – Food Network hostess Sandra Lee. In response to Dicker’s question Cardinal Dolan stated, “He and I have very grave differences and this is one of them but I do appreciate his company, always welcome his visits.” Dolan went on to state that he “talks turkey” with Cuomo about the abortion issue. ‘Talk Turkey’ is an idiom for discussing serious problems openly and freely.

Charlie-Brown-Lucy-Moves-the-Football-AgainContinuing in this tone of civility the Cardinal also stated, “We’ve been with him [Cuomo] and we’ve appreciated what he’s done. I want to believe he means it when he tells me he’s not going to expand what is already a terrible liberal abortion culture.” Cardinal Dolan also said that the governor “has been very up front with me that he wants to work very closely with the pro-life community to provide alternatives to abortion,” something the cardinal said is “refreshing.”

How many times is Cardinal Dolan going position himself to get made a fool of? He seems to have some sort of strange notion that these politician’s words can be trusted. He reminds of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football from under Lucy’s finger.

He fell for it in 2011 when he was meeting with President Obama about what would become the HHS Mandate. Back then he said, “I found the president of the United States to be very open to the sensitivities of the Catholic community that we’re worried about an intrusion into religious liberty.” How did that work out Cardinal?

When gay marriage was legislated in the state of New York without any of the Bishops in the Empire State lifting a finger to fight it, Dolan admitted that he had been tricked by his ‘political allies’. “We fell for the assurances of people that we thought were political allies that this wasn’t going to go anywhere, so we had political allies who said, ‘Bishops, keep your ammo dry, you don’t have to pull out all the stops, speak on principle, speak up against this bill, but don’t really worry because it’s not going to go anywhere.” How did listening to politicians rather than doing your job work out Cardinal?

I really hate that Cardinal Dolan gets made a fool of; that all of his niceyness and civility gets him walked over and taken advantage of. He truly is the meek who will inherit the earth, and may the Lord bless His efforts. That being said, I’m so thankful that he wasn’t elected Pope, because the hour to play nice with Satan is over; if there was ever a hour. The time to play civil with evil has ended; if there was ever a time.

WARNING: It is now the hour as it has it always been the hour for the Bishops of the Catholic Church to return to preaching the good news that the Kingdom of God is at Hand – Repent and be Baptized. Bishops divest yourselves from the shackles of political ambitions and allegiances, so that you might freely preach Christ Jesus crucified. Hold no regard for any other word but the truth. Live what we believe, so that your preaching will be authentic. Favor no man and respect nothing but the truth. Speak nothing but the truth, so that the world hears you very clearly. See nothing but Christ Jesus on the Cross, so that your steps will be certain and sure. If you obey the dictates of this hour the world will hear and see anew, but if you continue down your path of distraction and confusion the world will eat itself.