I thought I might use this week leading up to Father’s Day to reflect upon some aspects of the most cherished vocation that God has given me; to be the dad of three of the most amazing young ladies that I have ever known. One of the things I take most important in being a father is setting the example of being a man of prayer, thankfulness to God, and always ready to point my daugthers to Jesus for all their needs. What I learned is that the closer I draw to God and immerse myself into His divine dad daughtersnature, the more natural I am able to be the type of father to my girls that He needs me to be. The divine axiom remains true; that is, we can’t give away what we don’t have. Truth has never been a ponzi-scheme.

For the past few years it has been both a blessing and a curse that my ex-wife and children believe that I’m still the same quick to anger and easy escalate person I was before Christ. The blessings are that my daughters don’t engage in activities or behaviors that would make daddy flip-out, or when they do do something ridiculous they are always appreciative of the fact that I decided to just talk to them rather than open up the doors to Hell just broke loose. The tragic downside is that when something bad does happen I’m always the last person to find out, because they seem to want to save everyone from daddy going Godzilla and pulling planes out of the sky.

That being said, I wasn’t terrible surprised that it was a number of days after the event had already occurred that that our youngest daughter had been aggressively touched by a boy on the school bus. I’m very proud of her that she immediately told her mother about what transpired; and after investigating the situation, talking to eye witnesses, and studying the buses’ video recording, the police arrested the seventh grader and charged him with two counts of Sexual Impositioning.

It definitely hurts that my baby girl was exposed to the nature evil at such a young age, and was sexually objectified like that on a public school bus. Every single day I pray to God that He protects my daughters from people who wish them harm, and to place good people in their lives; people who desire the best for them. Then this happened, and things do happen that fly in the face of our best holy desires. That’s the nature of evil in this world.

After I got off the phone with my ex-wife, thoughts like these began swirling around in my head, and I did have a quick thought finding that boy and his father to teach them a lesson. But I was also quick to accept the gruesome fact that what my family had just gone through with this event was nothing different than what countless other families have already gone through, or will go through. I realized that it was my response to this situation that would make all the difference.

We talked on the phone that night after I found out. After we laughed about why they didn’t tell me about the event right away – because, according to her and her sisters, I would have driven 300 miles in two minutes, and I would have knocked on every door in the town until I found the boy, we talked how she felt about what happened. She told me that she felt that justice had been served. In response, I asked her, “What is justice?” To which she answered, “It’s what happens when people get what they deserve.” Even though I felt that she evidenced a tone of vengeance and retaliation in her answer, I was satisfied with it for now.

Then came the most important thing I could do as her Father; I told her why it was important that we pray for the young man, and then for a couple of minutes we prayed to God that He uses the boy’s time in incarceration to pour out His grace upon him to teach him how to respect women, and to heal whatever is going on inside of him that led him to believe that his behavior was acceptable. We ended the prayer in Jesus’ name, I told her how much I love her and I proud of her I am, and then told my baby girl good night.

This growing climate of evil that is leading boys and men to sexually objectify women, and women to think of themselves as sexual objects is very disturbed to all people God, but let us not fail to discern that our response to this hour is sacrificial prayer and fasting. Evil wants to make us weary, so that we might become insensitive to it, and apathetic towards it, but let us not be wearying in well doing or fail to keep watch and pray.