On Tuesday, December 19, 2013, Sammamish, Washington, Eastside Catholic High School (ESCH) School Vice Principal Mark Zmuda resigned from his position after he was told by school administrators that the homosexual marriage that he entered into in 2012 had effectively violated his contract with the school.
The contract he signed, similar to those that are signed by Catholic school teachers and administrators around the world, clearly affirmed that he agreed that it was his duty, to the best of his ability, to believe, teach/administer and live in accord with what the Catholic Church holds and professes. It also stated that he is a ministerial agent of the bishop. Eastside Catholic High School falls under the Archdiocese of Seattle, where J. Peter Sartain is Archbishop.
Ok, nothing new or extraordinary at this point of the story, and nothing new immediately followed either. As we have come to expect, these people sign these contracts, decide to live contrary to them, someone eventually raises an issue about it, and they are either fired or asked to resign. What immediately follows from there are protests and demonstrations from young and impressionable students who, for some very ‘odd’ reason have no clue what the Catholic Church actually teaches or why it teaches it – even though they attend a Catholic school . . . Next in line, we start to hear the crying and boohooing from self-proclaimed Catholic parents who tell us that it is unfair that this person lost their job when people who take birth-control, have children out of wedlock, or commit adultery aren’t treated the same. These days, we also get to hear apathetic soapbox preaching about how we should just love the offender and not judge them.
In the months that follow the emotions of the young students eventually fade away. Sure, they still think the dismissal of their beloved teacher or administrator is unfair, but they have more interesting things to be concerned about, such as the computer algorithm social life they created for themselves on Vine, Snapchat, and Twitter. Similarly, parents who were upset that their children won’t be exposed any longer to depraved and immoral behavior also fade back into the fabric of working to pay the tuition for their child not to receive a good Catholic education.
But, just when things were about to go back to normal in Sammamish, an ESCH Alumni group has emerged to keep stirring the pot and a certain religious sister gave us another reason to wish again for the good ole days, when sisters wore habits and were actually orthodox Catholics.
According to Seattle Times, on January 7, 2014, Stephanie Merrow, a freelance part-time musical coach at a Eastside Catholic, said that she recently became engaged to her same-sex partner and is nervous about how school leaders will handle the news after they forced out a vice principal who married his partner. But according to ESCH President & CEO Sister Mary Tracy of Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, FEAR NOT, Merrow is “welcome” to continue working on campus, because she is not under contract . . . I suppose that would also make Satan a qualified employee at Eastside Catholic, as long as he is freelance and not under contract. Mary also said she looks “forward to the day where no individual loses their job because they married a person of the same sex.” Thank you sister for your commitment to sin and desire to exposing our children to gravely disordered lifestyles! Yay!
Just to show how clueless ESCH students are in regard to what and why the Catholic teaches what it does, and how demonic things have become there, Merrow told KING 5 News on January 6th, “Either I’ll be fired, or the students will say, ‘Right on.’ It doesn’t matter if I get fired, I want [students] to know that I think what they did was incredible and if anything changes, it’s going to be because of this next generation.” [UPDATE] On Thursday (01/09/14) Merrow was rewarded for her stand against the Church by being given a NEW contract and raise!
But wait! There’s more! Remember I mentioned above about the ESCH Alumni that have recently emerged to keep pressing for immoral and depravity to be allowed in the school? Turns out this group of dissenters have a petition going around to remove Sr. Mary Tracy from her position as President & CEO of ESCH because her role in agreeing with Bishop to uphold some standard of morality at Eastside Catholic. They also have a Facebook Page where they have been discussing ways to resolve what they believe are the four major problems at their Alma mater, which are (1) Religion/Catholic Doctrine, (2), LGBT Rights, (3) Wrongful Termination, and (4) Poor Leadership.
Evil is persistent. It doesn’t compromise. It will always force itself onto our children and onto innocent people, and that is precisely what is going on at Eastside Catholic High in Sammamish, Washington right now. Moreover, too many of these self-proclaimed Catholic students, educators, administrator, parents, and alumni there are completely clueless to how they are being used by Satan to do his work to attack the Church of Jesus Christ.
The good news is that holiness is persistent and uncompromising as well. What we have here is an opportunity for the faithful to engage in corporeal and spiritual works of mercy. Let us pray and reach out to these people in admonishment, counsel, and instruction, so that the cloud of darkness and deceit that they have slipped into doesn’t ruin their souls forever. Let us also pray for Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, that the Holy Spirit strengthens him in the gifts of fortitude and justice.

    Smichael over demonsaint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host – by the Divine Power of God – cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.