Saint Joan of Arc

May 30, 2014 | Saint Joan of Arc, Pray for Us!

This Week’s Best in Catholic Apologetics features the best articles from around the internet concerning faith proposals and defenses of the Catholicism from Friday of the previous week through Thursday of the current week.

  • Eschatology and Eucharistic Adoration – Dr. Christopher J. Malloy
  • 5 Ways the Eucharist Erases the Effects of Original Sin – Stephen Beale
  • The Case for Infant Baptism – Shamless Popery
  • Jesus Came to Abolish Religion? A Socratic Dialogue – Matt Fradd
  • Roots of the Church Precepts: Didache Revisited – Deacon R. F. Gorman PhD.
  • The Virgin Birth, Perpetual Virginity, and NFP – Deacon W. P. Cunningham
  • Catholicism is Objective, Protestantism is Subjective – Leila Miller
  • Closing the Cafeteria: The Importance of Orthodoxy in Lay Life – Michael Lane
  • How Modern Heresies Isolate Us and Leave Us Unfulfilled – Msgr. Charles Pope
  • Beauty & Bible Interpretation: A Response to Modern Bible Studies – Luke Murray
  • The Lack of a Protestant Case Against Pre-Martial Sex – Devin Rose
  • Why Is Gay Not Okay? – Carl E. Olson
  • REWIND: How the Ascension Proves the Holy Eucharist – David L. Gray
  • VIDEO: The Problem of Anglican Orders – Michael Davies
  • VIDEO: The Conversion Story of Collin Ray – Former Baptist – The Journey Home