David L. Gray Krispy Kreme

David L. Gray sitting outside of Krispy Kreme on December 7, 2015. I ended up being the 23rd person to get a dozen of free donuts a month for a year.

It takes one helluva click-bait headline to ever catch me over at CruxNow.COM or even over Aleteia.COM, ever since the Elizabeth Scalia turned the latter website to the left. Yet, for their part, both of those websites do a very fine job making me bite more often than I would like. The headline editors at National Catholic Reporter could definitely learn a thing or two from those outfits if they want to get me over into their comment boxes before Hell freezes over.

That being said, how could I not click on a link that read “Radical Catholic blogs may be a cesspool, but saying so won’t help“? The words ‘radical’, ‘Catholic’ and ‘cesspool’ all thrown together like that with the promise of committed inconclusive vaguery – ‘but saying so won’t help’ . . . I hadn’t seen anything so tempting since Krispy Kreme opened up a greasy bread and cheap sugar factory just one mile away from my house last December. And, yes, if you’re wondering, I did stand in line for eight hours that cold wintery night for the right to get a free dozen of donuts every month for a year.

As I sat there in my camouflage folding chair, while bundled underneath my blanket and multiple layers of wool and leather, I noticed that occasionally cars would pass through the Krispy Kreme parking lot and just stare out of their window at us who were waiting in line. These weren’t people who were trying to determine whether it was worth them getting into line with us. No, they were just curious. It was if they were at a zoo or outside of a fishbowl. They were rubbernecking – longnecking the situation to figure out what was going on so that they could justify themselves in making the judgment that those in line were either crazy, purposed, desperate, cheap, fat, stupid or cool.

So it was with Father Dwight Longenecker, playing the part of Captain Obviously Obvious, in his pertinacious and officious May 27, 2016 commentary which desperately sought to intentionally echo the victim whining of Basilian Father Thomas Rosica in his vitriolic attack on ‘Catholic’ bloggers who are angry and tired of clergy who are leading people to Hell.

Why would Fr. Longenecker echo the comments of a man who sought to sue a Canadian blogger for exercising his free speech? Why would Fr. Longenecker echo the comments of a man who is the founder of the Salt & Light – a cable network that leans further left than a gay-pride parade on a rainy Tuesday in June? Why would Fr. Longenecker echo the comments of any mainstream Catholic from Canadian? Why do people in the establishment always support their own, even when their own aren’t worth supporting?

While, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about when you have people who claim to be Catholic who are working overtime to convince Catholics to hate the successor of Saint Peter, echoing the criticism of Rosica only makes matters worse. I’m even on record for calling these Anonymous ‘Catholic’ Bloggers to give us their name or Shut Up, because they could actually be Protestants as far as we know – we need names, parishes, and accountability from them. Productive criticism like that are things that might help cure some of the problems out here. Echoing Rosica won’t.

Indeed, if the best Fr. Longenecker can do is longnecking the line at Krispy Kreme and close with echoing “We must pray for them, for their healing and conversion!” he’s nothing better than those who wonder how in the heck is the country this close to electing Donald J. Trump as POTUS.

Note to Fr. Longenecker and those like him – you better pay attention to the anger that is bubbling up. You better pay attention to the West’s return to the Mass of Trent. You better pay attention to what the faithful are saying about Pope Francis whenever they are in ‘safe’ company. For, there are two types of people in this day in age. There are those who live in the Palace of Versailles and end up getting beheaded, and there are those who are storming Versailles looking for someone to behead. There is no room in Versailles for longnecking.