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loving the novus ordo mass

Loving the Novus Ordo Mass: The Admirable Exchange Resolves Babel in the Mass

When Jesus took up human language and gave it to capacity to express the truth of the Divine, He didn’t just take up His native earthly language. He didn’t just take up Hebrew or Aramaic. He didn’t just take up Greek and Farsi. He didn’t just take up languages not commonly spoken at the time, such as Latin and English. No, He took up all human languages spoken throughout all of existence, so that there would always be a way for humans to call on the name of Yeshua in any language and be heard.

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dallas protests
The Dailies (Current Events)

Abortion to Cop Killings to Terrorism – Violence Against Neighbor is the American Way

In the United States, our laws, ethos and societal practices at every point in history has NEVER upheld the dignity of the human person, from the womb to the tomb. At every point in the history of this country some people have been treated like animals. At its founding it was the Native Americans and today it is the defenseless children in the womb.

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pardon of sinful woman luke
Commentaries & Reflections on Readings at MassLectionary Cycle C

Jesus Connects Faith and Humility with Love (Pardon of Sinful Woman)

The sinful woman doesn’t have a bowl of water, a wet cloth, or even a dry cloth, but she gives Jesus everything of value that she believes she does have. She brings to Him all that she has of value; her whole self and an alabaster flask of ointment and gives it all to Jesus. Her tears, hair, and ointment become her hospitality.

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