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#BlackLivesMatter is Destructive to Blacks

#BlackLivesMatter presents itself as an organization that is concerned about various aspects of concerns in the universal Black Disunity. Yet, because they fail to stand up for the lives of the most vulnerable Black Lives; that is, the Black babies in the womb, of which 33% conceived are aborted, #BlackLIvesMatter is a joke and is destructive to all Black Americans. #BlackLIvesMatter is trying to convince Blacks that they are powerless victims. They are too closely tied to the Democratic liberal agenda to commit genocide against Blacks.

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Catholicism in the West is Dead. Who Killed It?

The passage of the gay-marriage referendum in Ireland has shown that Catholicism in the West is effectively Dead. There is war going on between the Catholic Church and Satan. Jesus said that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church, but at this point in Salvation history, the Church has more resembled Michael Spinks in his fight against Mike Tyson. All Catholics – the laity and the ordained are culpable in the death of Catholicism in the West, and it’s going to take all of us to resuscitate the Church.

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