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Cary Dabney Catholic Convert from Jehovah Witness

Jehovah Witness Convert Cary Dabney on ‘My Catholic Conversion’

Carey was raised in a strict Jehovah Witness (Watch Tower Society) home and was discouraged from questioning what he saw was contradictions in his family’s faith. He resolved at 18 to leave home and discover the truth for himself, which he eventually did in the Catholic Church. Listen to one man’s journey through intellect and reason to the only Church that Christ Jesus Himself established through His Apostles.

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dinner party
A Fresh Perspective SeriesLectionary Cycle BReflections on Mass Readings

A Fresh Perspective on God’s Obsession with Food & Wine

Therefore, being that Exodus 12:24 is a Permanent Law – a Perpetual Command, if Jesus doesn’t fulfill it – if it is not part of His body of work according this His statement in Matthew 5:17, that He came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it, then He not the Messiah or Lord; rather, He is a liar, a lunatic, and a sadist.

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An actual manger (feeding trough) recovered at Meggido from approximately the time of Jesus. It is likely that the manger in which baby Jesus was placed was very similar to this one.
Lectionary Cycle BReflections on Mass Readings

Christ Jesus is the Divine Word and Food of God

The one thing that continues to intrigue me about John 6 is how deeply intricate it is with our understanding that throughout sacred Scripture the Word of God has always been thought of as food – as something edible. The implications of that understanding takes on an even more profound meeting in the New Covenant when we discover that the Word of God is actually a person,

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jacob esau
Grad School Papers Catalog

The First and Last in the Genre of ‘Lost Brother’ Reconcilement Narratives

This narrative is rich in theological meaning and real life praxis of the faith. There is a great deal to say here about the trustworthiness of God, the silliness of fear, and the benefits of showing humility before God and man.  There is also a great deal to consider about Esau and the father in Luke’s narrative being like an image of the Church.

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