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DISCUSSION QUESTION: Is Jesus the Sole Property of the Catholic Church?

FACEBOOK DISCUSSION QUESTION: Recently the Archdiocese of Oklahoma won a lawsuit over Adam Daniels and his Satanist religious organization Dakhma of Angra Mainyu on the ground that the Consecrated Hosted to be used by Dakhma was the ‘PROPERTY’ of the Catholic Church. What are your thoughts on the legal or theological implications of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus being deemed the sole property of the Catholic Church?

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Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience at St Peters Square
Perspectives on the Papacy

Indifference: The Reformation of Pope Francis – Part III

As interesting as the Reform of Francis will be, the thing to remember is that they are only a blip on the screen of what the Holy Spirit is doing, and we have to continue to distinguish between reforms of substance (i.e. suppression of the Latin Mass and assignment of like-minded Bishops) versus reforms of style (big tent ecumenism and no red shoes). The reforms of style won’t last past his papacy, but the reforms of substance may.

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