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Here are links to all of the videos I’ve ever made for DavidLGray.INFO.

Black Oscar Boycott David L. Gray

Oscar Boycott by Blacks in Need of White Validation

In 2016 the multimillion dollar class of Black thespians in America asked the rest of the Black Groupthink to join them in a Boycott of the Academy Awards (bka ‘the Oscars’) because there were no Black actors or actresses up for nomination of the award. This series of exposed the need that many Blacks still have for validation, acceptance, and approval of Whites that they have been carrying since their ancestors were in bondage.

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Novena to Fr. Augustus Tolton
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Fundraising Appeal Video for the Novena to Fr. Augustus Tolton

From November 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015, all contributions received by DavidLGray.INFO Inc. will go towards helping to fund my goal of mailing out 6,000 Prayer Booklets of the Novena to Father Augustus Tolton for the Spiritual Welfare of the Black American Community by March 1, 2016, and to purchase online ads during the three months of the Novena in March, April, and June of 2016.

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David L. Gray

Do Black Republicans Hate Themselves? (Black Self-Hate)

This video responds to the tendency of Black Democrats and Liberals to always accuse Black Republicans and Conservatives of hating themselves. They say that Black Conservatives and Republicans are filed with Self-Hate on the basis that they don’t support the Democratic Party, as if being Black means you are by nature required to vote Democrat; that being a Black Americans is somehow eternally tied to the party that has done everything they can to destroy Blacks in America.

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