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3 Reasons Why Women Will Never Be Ordained as Catholic Priests

At some point or another we all wrestle with God. It’s just part of our Israelite nature to do so, and for a season it is necessary to wrestle with God just so that we can figure out that He always wins in the end. Yet, mature faith in the Triune God is about realizing that Cooperating with God is our far better portion in this life. And to have the spirit of cooperation is matter of prayer, humility, and trust.

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Loving the Novus Ordo Mass: Presenting a Visible God

Catholicism is actually the first and last religion that truly believes in the reality of a Present and Visible God, and where that belief is actually brought to life is at the Sacrifice of the Mass. And it absolutely doesn’t matter what type of liturgy you participate in – whether Eastern or Western, Latin or Novus Ordo – the Real Presence of God is not only on display and becomes real food at Mass, but the entire liturgy itself is geared and directed towards bringing the most out of that Divine Encounter.

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Loving the Novus Ordo Mass: Holy Things & Sacred Space

There is nothing more beautiful than the Catholic Mass. I’m a fan of beauty – a fan of symmetry, color, and proportion, but I have yet to find anything of the flesh or of the world that comes a billion miles close to matching the beauty of the Mass. If you have been a rote Catholic or a confused non-Catholic, just pay attention to how the Mass is a Divine encounter with holy spaces, things, and people from the beginning to the end at the Latin Rite Mass.

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Mary as Queen Mother, Ark of the New Covenant, and New Eve

The Ark of the Old Covenant contained the Decalogue (which is the Law/Word), a Pot of Manna (which was the bread from Heaven that sustained the life of the Hebrews during the Exodus), and Aaron’s Rod (which budded and convicted those who were grumbling against Moses). The Ark of the New Covenant, who is the Virgin Mary, contained Jesus (the Word of God and the Bread of Life – the new Manna from Heaven), and the Holy Spirit (which is Truth that convicts us).

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