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Hê hagia hêsychia", that is, "Holy silence
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Putting Proverbs 31 Back into Context

It’s been popular for I don’t know how long for people to use the thirty-first chapter of Proverbs as a Biblical template for a man’s ideal image of an earthly wife and, as such, it has been subtitled in most Bibles. And perhaps some good fruit can be gleaned from it for that purpose, but let us not take this chapter out of context by completely extracting it out of the book in which it was written.

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On the First Confession of Saint Peter

Christ Jesus bestowed upon the Apostle Simon Peter a particular ministry, that he and all those who would succeed him as the Vicar of Christ on Earth would carry out. This reflection concerns the Second Confession of Saint Peter. Attached to that confession is the duty for Simon Peter and his successors in the Petrine Ministry to be guided by the truth of God the Father, to obey the commands of God the Son, and to listen for and to act upon the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

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resurrection of jesus
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The Lord has Risen! Now What? (An Easter Season Reflection)

Easter is the culmination of the particular event.. Let us not miss the central point of God entering His creation by becoming fully part of His creation, even to the point of dying at the hands of those He made. An excerpt from Chapter Seventeen (‘The Fifteenth Didactic Mystery’) of my book Cooperating with God: Life with the Cross

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