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Saint Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church in Gahanna, Ohio
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An Outburst of Prayer at Mass Today – Now that was Interesting . . .

So, there we were standing and awaiting the final blessing from the Bishop and out-of-no-where in the center circular section near-rear of Church a woman, short in stature, perhaps in her mid-fifties, wearing a white veil over that had slightly fallen over her eyes stands up, with her arms up and outward in the direction of the sanctuary, palms slightly inward.

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What is an Alpha Male and Why Was Jesus the Epitome of All Alpha Males?

There are some mistaken ideas in popular culture about what alpha malehood is truly all about. It’s been watered down and sexualized to a simply being man being a man who is suave with the ladies or overly domineering. In this article I set out to correct that false image and give wonderful reasons why Jesus has always been always will be the True Alpha Male.

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Pope Benedict in Cameron Africa
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On the Dearth of Black and Hispanic Catholics in Popular Catholic Media

According to a 2011 study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, “The US Catholic population is currently 77.7 million.” According to other sources, 39% of those Catholics are Hispanic and 4% are Blacks. Yet, if you look at all the major Catholic television outlets, read the major Catholic magazines and website blogs, Diocesan newspapers, peruse the catalogs of Catholic book publishers, listen to Catholic radio, and look at the two major outlets for Catholic speakers, you would come away with the impression that American Catholicism is as White as Catholicism in Ireland.

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