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These are a collection of papers I wrote in pursuit of my Masters in Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and Ohio Dominican University.

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Grad School Papers Catalog

The First and Last in the Genre of ‘Lost Brother’ Reconcilement Narratives

This narrative is rich in theological meaning and real life praxis of the faith. There is a great deal to say here about the trustworthiness of God, the silliness of fear, and the benefits of showing humility before God and man.  There is also a great deal to consider about Esau and the father in Luke’s narrative being like an image of the Church.

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Grad School Papers Catalog

The Old Testament Canon: an Approach to Halakah

When I say that the order the Old Testament has a theological chronology, what I am suggesting is that its order leads us not only into an appropriate encounter with God, but also leads us into how we ought to know God, and how we ought to walk with God. In this way, the Old Testament becomes a blueprint of the Halakhah (the way to walk with God, as revealed through oral and written tradition).

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