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I tend to write more about politics during the election cycles. Here is where you’ll find my conservative perspectives and commentary on American politics.

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Jesus, Caligula, Benedict XVI and Donald Trump – deadly threats to the establishment

Anytime a person is a threat to the establishment they must be dealt with in some way. That has always been the rule, and this rule does not change. Whenever you hear Republicans say they rather vote for Hillary Clinton (Barabbas) over Donald Trump, know that the only thing Trump can do to avoid their escalation to the next level is by convincing the establishment that he is one of them.

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Edna Kenny Crosses the Line – US Bishops Complicit in Scandal

If the Irish Bishops have any sense of the call to spiritual martyrdom and justice (rendering every man his just due without restraint) this so-called Catholic and anyone who cooperates with his demonic mandate should be publically exposed as having excommunicated themselves (latae sententiae excommunication) from the Catholic Church, according to Canon Laws 751 and 1364.

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What it All Means: The Hand of Satan was Re-elected as President

God Help Us! If I didn’t trust Jesus I’d be trembling in my soul right now for what is about to befall this country. It’s daylight outside, but it’s dark. You can sense it in your spirit. The song ‘God Bless America’ is only a prayer and history now. For a blessing is something you choose to receive – a freewill cooperation with the grace of God. On November 6, 2012, American chose the curse. It chose Satan over God.

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On Mark Shea and Other Catholics Ready to Hand Obama the Election

These swell Catholics have also arrived at the place where they believe that they cannot vote for Mitt Romney because he allows for some cases of abortion (e.g. rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is at stake); and/or because he’s a Mormon, and/or because he won’t make contraception illegal. These people have decided to either vote for a third party candidate, write their on name in on the ballot, or not vote at all.

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