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history of divorce
Relationship, Marriage, Dating, & Sex

The History and Future of Redefining Marriage (PHOTO)

Here are a couple of photos that I threw together. The first one is a brief history of the number of ways that marriage has been weakened over the years through the redefinition of it, either directly or indirectly through its components. The picture under it is just a caveat to remind you that homosexual acts will NEVER be natural, inasmuch as so-called homosexual marriage may continue to become legal.

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Jesus’ Teaching on the Indissolubility of Marriage

What Jesus primarily does three things in His dialogue with the Pharisees in today’s Gospel Reading is: (1) Restore the true definition of marriage by reaching back to God’s original intent; (2) Restore the equality of spouses by raising the dignity of woman in marriage; and (3) By His word He promises to sustain and perfect marriage.

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Relationship, Marriage, Dating, & Sex

Why Masturbation is Morally Evil & How to Free Yourself From It

This article is going to point out the clear reasons why masturbation, when performed with the purpose providing an artificial form of sexual pleasure is always morally evil. I will then offer three helpful ways to combat this very addictive behavior. I will build my arguments against masturbation upon the Natural Law and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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benefits of courtship
Relationship, Marriage, Dating, & Sex

The 4 Benefits of Chaste Courtship

In this modern culture and age of dating solely for the purposes finding someone to ‘hook-up’ with on a regular basis, the idea of courtship, let alone chaste courtship, is an odd if not completely unknown concept. Therefore, it would best serve the purposes of this article if I begin it by drawing the bright contrasts between hooking up, dating, courtship, and chaste courtship.

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Relationship, Marriage, Dating, & Sex

The 3 Best Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

Marriage and conjugal love belong together and they were made for each other from the very beginning. There are so many great benefits that come by the way of waiting for marriage to have sex. The first of which were explored in this article – to wait for marriage to have sex is natural and it fulfills God’s purpose for you and your body. Moreover, sex before and outside of marriage always clouds feelings, it makes courtship inauthentic and artificial.

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