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A Short Treatment on Humility and Simplicity

Go through life like a little child, always trusting, always full of simplicity and humility, content with everything, happy in every circumstance. There, where others fear, you will pass calmly along, thanks to this simplicity and humility. Remember this Sister, for your whole life: as waters flow from the mountains down into the valleys, so, too, do God’s graces flow into humble souls.”

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The 3 Best Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

Marriage and conjugal love belong together and they were made for each other from the very beginning. There are so many great benefits that come by the way of waiting for marriage to have sex. The first of which were explored in this article – to wait for marriage to have sex is natural and it fulfills God’s purpose for you and your body. Moreover, sex before and outside of marriage always clouds feelings, it makes courtship inauthentic and artificial.

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