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Proposals & Defenses of the Catholic Faith

Anti-Catholic Myths and Lies: #2 The Pope is the Antichrist

Those who posit that the Pope or the papacy is the Antichrist are troubled to be able to actually prove it, especially through Scripture alone, to which they have to rely, otherwise be found to be inconsistent at minimum for their reliance on interpretative tradition, which began with man who clearly was a mentally disturbed and very prideful.

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Lectionary Cycle BReflections on Mass Readings

Jesus’ Teaching on Knowing What to Pray For

What I’ve learned in life is that if I want peace, then I ought to pray for God to grant peace to others as well as to myself. If you want more joy in your life, then pray for God to increase other’s joy as well as your own. If you make your prayer life inclusive of the needs of others as well, what you’ll discover is what you’ve asked God to give to those whom you prayed for will all be given to you.

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Lectionary Cycle BReflections on Mass Readings

Jesus’ Teaching on Minding Your Own Business

There are two things in this life that are spiritually unhealthy; the first thing is meddling in God’s business; the second is meddling in Satan’s business. The latter will frustrated you, while the former will possess you. The best place to be is minding the business that God has given you to mind – tending to the things that God has given you to tend to.

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PSA: Response to Black Democrat Scare Tactics

This is a video response to Black Entertainment Network’s (BET) 2012 Get Out the Black Vote Video Commercial/Campaign. I’ve been pretty annoyed with the whole attitude that BET and their parade of Black Stars that are attempting to fear Blacks into Voting for Barack Obama, and always acting defensive when other Blacks raise legitimate concerns about Obama’s policies or lack thereof. As if we need to support Obama no matter how inept he is, just because he is half Black.

Barack Obama is the worst President that this country has ever had and it’s time that Black people wake up and smell the coffee. He is not for us and His time is up.

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