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The Catholic Church – A Moral Conundrum to Maureen Dowd and other Secularists

The main reason why my elbows don’t get winkled when I read this type of trash is because I recognize the gruesome fact that these people have no qualms whatsoever with what the Catholic Church teaches. On the contrary, their issue is what something much older than the institutional Church – their issue is with the truth.

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The Dirty Little Secret Behind Obama’s HHS Mandate (Eugenics)

If you haven’t been in the know about the Modern Day Masters of Eugenics and their efforts to globally implement policy, legislation, and healthcare strategies to reduce the world’s population then get up to date. Understand that the true motive behind what Barack Obama what’s to accomplish with his abortion, LGBT rights, and healthcare initiatives.

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Obama Does the Kansas City Shuffle with New HHS Mandate

President Barack Obama has pulled the Kansas City Shuffle on Catholics and on all American citizens who object to his evil machinations to force them to comply with things they object to on religious and/or moral grounds. Nothing has changed in light of his revision of the HHS Mandate. We Cannot – We Will Not – Comply with this unjust law!

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Gov. O’Malley’s and Other’s False Contrasts of Obama’s HHS Mandate

Those in favor of President Obama’s HHS unconstitutional mandate to force all employers, including Catholic employers to offer their employees health coverage that includes sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs, and contraception, are starting to create a narrative – a LIE – that we must correct. All Satan has on his side of public opinion, but we have something much stronger – THE TRUTH!

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Satan’s Chronicle and The Final Push to Tempt Humans into Self Destruction

Satan has a ‘Four D’ strategy – Distract, Divide, Dehumanize, and Destroy. He uses these three four military tactics everywhere – in community, Church, politics, and family. – See more at:

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