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Blacks and their Abusive Relationship with Obama & the DNC

It’s time for Black liberals to wake up and smell the coffee. You are in an abusive relationship with Barack Obama. You are guaranteed to get nothing in return out of this relationship than more of the same handouts, population control, and social programs that hasn’t helped to elevate our people much beyond slavery. And it’s time you did something about it.

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Why Barack Obama is the Real Sell-Out!

You know some Blacks have really gotten super sensitive since 2007 about Barack Obama. Back then if you were for anyone other than Barack, even Hillary after awhile, you were considered to be an ‘Uncle Tom’; which is a epithet to mean that you are a Black person that acts White and does things that White people do. There’s nothing worse in the Black community than being called a ‘Tom’ or ‘Coon’ or a ‘Sell-Out’ – it’s almost as bad as someone saying ‘Yo Momma’; meaning it’s fighting words.

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What is an Alpha Male and Why Was Jesus the Epitome of All Alpha Males?

There are some mistaken ideas in popular culture about what alpha malehood is truly all about. It’s been watered down and sexualized to a simply being man being a man who is suave with the ladies or overly domineering. In this article I set out to correct that false image and give wonderful reasons why Jesus has always been always will be the True Alpha Male.

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