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The Liberal Influence in Black Catholic Churches

In this third installment of the series ‘They Hate Black Catholics’ on Talking Catholic with David L. Gray, David traces the origins, cites examples, and explains how the systemic racism against Black Catholics lead them becoming easy prey for Democratic Party’s magnificent trickery in convincing Black Americans that their cultural identity was intrinsically connected to them voting Democrat.

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How To Kneel at Mass (The Four Postures)

In this episode of Talking Catholic with David L. Gray, David talks about the Four Kneeling Postures that most people employ during the liturgy of the Catholic Mass in the Latin Rites.

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That Time of the Month

The Gray’s Family Comedy – Episode Three – Olivia asks her Dad to go to the store to get her some pads.

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Catholic Slavery and the Jim Crow Black Catholic Church

In this second installment of ‘They Hate Black Catholics’ on Talking Catholic with David L. Gray, David explains how local Catholic Churches, Bishops, Priests, and Religious Orders like the Jesuits were involved with the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the continuation of Slavery in America.

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They Hate Black Catholics – Part I (How I Became a Black Catholic)

In this installment of ‘Talking Catholic’, David talks about his journey in the ‘Black Catholic’ experience and begins his commentary on how the Black Catholic Church in America has been undermined, betrayed, and left astray by the institutional Catholic Church for the past 500 years.

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