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Christian Rosaio’s Conversion Story to the Catholic Church

On this episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’ I’m talking with Christian Rosario who is a Catholic convert from Protestantism and is now a Melkite Rite (Eastern) Catholic. We talked about his faith journey into the Catholic Church, his journey to the east, his response to the theology of Hebrew Israelites, and the Nation of Islam.

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Which Catholic Popes Were Freemasons?

In this episode of ‘Talking Catholic’, I share my research on which Popes in the Catholic Church had, most likely, had been initiated Freemasons at some point in their life.

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Christine Niles on Converting back to Catholicism, the SSPX, and More

On this episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’ I’m talking to Christine Niles of Church Militant about her journey back to the Catholic Church, her thoughts on Bishop Robert Barron’s ‘Catholicism’ series, her exposé on the Society of Saint Pius X, and on lessons learned by the faithful while we have been shut out of the public Mass.

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The Conversion Story of Randy Shed, from Non-Denominational to Catholic

On this episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’, I’m talking with Randy Shed, who once called Catholic’s ‘Pope worshippers’ and ‘Mary lovers’. Randy and his whole household now participate in the Traditional Latin Mass faithfully, and we spend some time talking about the beauty of tradition and how God used it to bring him home.

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Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers Reflects on the Catholic

I was honored to hear Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers give a wonderfully insightful talk on the deeper meaning of the liturgy of the Catholic Mass using my book,’The Divine Symphony: An Exordium to the Theology of the Catholic Mass’ as his point of reference.

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The Dangers of Homeschooling

According to Elizabeth Bartholet, Morris Wasserstein Public Interest Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Child Advocacy Program, homeschooling poses a great public threat and danger to democracy. On this episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’, professional educator David Charles Williams responds to this claim through the context of the Catholic organizing principle of subsidiarity.

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The Six Proofs of the Holy Eucharist

On this episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’, I’m dishing out the Six Proofs that the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is what the Catholic Church says it is; that is, the Real Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity of Jesus Christ.

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