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Our Call to Participate in the Mass from Opening to Closing

In this final podcast on the theology of the Catholic Mass, I explain how the Sacraments belong to the Traditions of the Catholic Church and how and why those Traditions bind and unite the generations of God’s People with each and with Him, the head of our family.

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Freemasonry is a Universal Religion: Explained

In this podcast, I push back against the myth that Freemasonry is NOT a Religion by examining what Freemasonry says about itself in it “Anderson’s Constitution of 1738”, which is based upon the ancient charges and constitutions (e.g. Gothic and York). If Freemasonry’s own Constitution says Freemasonry IS the Universal Religion, then Freemasonry IS a Religion. Case closed! It’s a duck!

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How and Why to Stop Masturbating

Do you have a masturbation addiction, or do you have a issue with masturbation that you want to stop? In this video I offer three quick tips to defeat your urge to masturbate. I also tell you why masturbation is always immoral and intrinsically evil according to natural law, sacred Scripture, and Church teaching.

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