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Two Thoughts on Liturgical Inculturation / TLM vs Black Catholic Mass

I asked two Catholics who love the liturgy of the Mass, about their thoughts on our current mindset on the problem with liturgical inculturation in light of our history, in which all liturgies were expressions of inculturation. It was interesting to hear someone who loves the Traditional Latin Rite and someone who loves the Cultural Black Catholic liturgy clash and agree on this important topic.

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Freemasons Have Infested the Black Catholic Church

The Black Catholic Church in America is infested with Freemasons and Eastern Stars. The self-proclaimed “Catholic” Grand Master Malcolm Morris and the Saint Louis Clay Family are just a sampling of this problem that needs a modern-day inquisition to root it out.

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Reason & Theology with Michael Lofton

On this episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’, I spoke with Michael Lofton about his faith journey, his apostolate ‘Reason and Theology’, being a post-abortive man, the cost of the sin of abortion, whether a White person should address the Black Abortion Genocide, and various theological and liturgical minutia.

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