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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Sacred that Surrounds Us’, by Andrea Zachman

This is a quick overview and review of the book ‘The Sacred that Surrounds Us: How Everything in a Catholic Church Points to Heaven’ by Andrea Zachman. You can purchase online at Ascension Press and Amazon, or support your local Catholic Book store and order it there.

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Confession: From Pro-Choice to Whole Life Catholic

In this confession, I talk about my journey from being a guy who simply accepted the liberal narrative that a woman can do whatever she wants to do with the child in her womb. The acceptance of this narrative led to me escorting a number of women into the abortion mill to kill my child. It also led to me almost killing a woman for aborting my child. It was not until after I became a Catholic that I realized how far away from the truth I had lived in this regard. Becoming a Catholic not only made me Pro-Life but Whole Life, from the womb to the tomb and at every stage of human development in between; with no exceptions to the rule.

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Jesus in the Qur’an / Proofs of the Resurrection

In this podcast, I quickly highlight the four traditional methods to disprove the resurrection of Jesus: (1) Hallucination; (2) Myth (3) Conspiracy, and (4) Swoon. I then spend out 10 minutes responding to Islam’s Qur’an Al’Nisa 4:157,159 claim that Jesus was not actually crucified; that a resemblance of Him was placed on another man, and that man was crucified. These verses further state that Christians can’t prove that Jesus was crucified and resurrected on the Third Day.

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The Call and Response at the Catholic Mass

In this clip on the theology of the Catholic Mass, using the second movement from Mozart’s No. 40 as an example, I talk about how the classical symphony orchestra’s periodic phrasing is a melodic play on the ‘call and response’ dialogue found in the Catholic liturgy of the Mass. I also talk about how we need to be more intentional with our confessions during the Sursum Corda.

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