On Sunday, June 23, 2013, I had a great conversation with Andrea Boring of the Modern Catholic Mom blog about her conversion from Mormonism to Catholicism. This was actually a reversion story to the Catholic Church that her father brought the family into when she was a teenager.

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Andrea Boring is a Catholic wife, mom, web designer, blogger, and speaker. She has a passion for sharing stories of blessings, miracles, and reflections to bring fallen away Catholics home, bring new souls to the church and revitalize active Catholics. She resides in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband David, and twin 5-year-olds, Hayden and Logan.

I’ve already had a number of great reviews of this show. Unfortunately, it got off to a rough start due to technical difficulties and ended about three minutes early, so you’ll hear two different starts of the podcast and end inconveniently. Nevertheless, I really think you’ll love it and draw from good fruit out of it. This is one conversion story that I believe everyone should hear.