On Sunday, June 9, 2013, I had poet, writer, and composer Ann Weber Ammar on the show. We had a really interesting and full program talking about her conversion to the Catholic Church. Her journey to the Church came after periods of Agnosticism, secular pursuits, two years of studying Jehovah Witnessism, and Evangelical Catholicism. Ann talked about a number of occasions when God stepped out of eternity to encounter her and give her gentle nudges of graces.  The song heard at the end of the program is ‘Walking By Faith’. It was composed by Ann Ammar and a part of the ministry that God has given her and teammate Marianne. You can find out more details about her rich journey and some of the work she is doing at her blog (http://walkingwithourlord.wordpress.com/) and their website (http://www.walkingwithourjesus.com/) where Ann’s inspirational faith testimonies, spiritual poems, original songs and lyrics inspired by the Holy Spirit are contained  This was one of the most interesting conversion stories I’ve ever heard. Very rich! Listening to the archived broadcast is definitely worth your time.

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