1. Holding the Rosary:
Begin with making the Sign of the Cross

2. Fingers on the First Bead:
Lord, have mercy (repeat)
Christ, have mercy (repeat)
Lord, have mercy (repeat)
God the Father in Heaven,
have mercy on us. (repeat after each invocation)
God the Son, Redeemer of the World
God the Holy Spirit

3. Fingers on the Second Bead:
Pray the Lord’s Prayer.

4. Fingers on the Third Bead:
Pray the Apostle’s Creed.

5. Fingers on the Fourth Bead:
Pray the Hail Mary.

Begin each bead by saying (invoking) ‘God our Father’ and end each bead by praying ‘Have mercy on us (me)’.
1. First Person of the Holy Trinity
2. God of Gods, Lord of Lords, Host of Host
3. Ancient of Days
4. Anchor of Creation
5. All Gracious
6. All Just
7. All Mighty
8. All Holy
9. All Loving
10. All in All

Begin each bead by saying (invoking) ‘Christ Jesus’ and end each bead by praying ‘Heal us (me), Guide us (me), Send us (me)’.
1. Second Person of the Holy Trinity
2. The Messiah and Son of the Living God
3. The Prince of Peace
4. The Light of the World
5. The Door
6. The Good Shepherd
7. The True Vine
8. The Bread of Life
9. The Way, the Truth, and the Life
10. The Resurrection

Begin each bead by saying (invoking) ‘Holy Spirit’ and end each bead by praying ‘Come to Us (me)’.
1. Third Person of the Holy Trinity
2. Breath of God
3. Glory of the Father and the Son
4. Source of all Wisdom
5. Source of all Understanding
6. Source of all Counsel
7. Source of all Fortitude
8. Source of all Knowledge
9. Source of all Piety
10. Source of all Reverence due to God

After the Third Decade:
Pray the ’Glory Be’.

Feel free to exchange the word ‘us’ in these petitions with ‘me’ or even with more precise needs and/or causes; such as your marriage, another person, end of abortion, help in understanding sacred Scripture, and etcetera.

An easy way to memorize these petitions is by making sentences out of the first word of each one. For example, for the second decade the sentence that I like to use is My (Messiah) Puppy (Prince of Peace) Laid (Light of the World) Down (Door) – God (Good Shepherd) Thought (True Vine) Bread (Bread) Was (Way, Life, Truth) Right (Resurrection).

Have Fun!

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