In this second installment of ‘They Hate Black Catholics’ on Talking Catholic with David L. Gray (Youtube Link), David explains how local Catholic Churches, Bishops, Priests, and Religious Orders like the Jesuits were involved with the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the continuation of Slavery in America. He also explains how racism is what lead to the birth of the Jim Crow Black Catholic Church. He explains how the Catholic Church’s teaching against slavery was a developing doctrine and was slow to develop due to the Church being born into a world where slavery had been normalized.

5:18 – The Developing Doctrine on Slavery
16:50 – Black Catholics in Saint Augustine, Florida
21:32 – Black Catholics Found Los Angeles
22:34 – Black Catholics Given Fort Mose
22:58 – Black Catholics in Maryland
25:40 – The Jesuit’s Owning and Selling Slaves
27:46 – Catholic Slaves in Louisiana
28:35 – Catholic Slaves in Mississippi
32:16 – Bishop John England, Great Defender of Slavery
35:08 – The Catholic Church and Slavery Post-Civil War – The Birth of the Jim Crow Black Catholic Church
48:37 – The Miserable Condition of Black Catholics in America – More Jim Crow Black Catholicism
55:29 – Black Catholics and Freemasonry
1:04:10 – Conclusion

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