In this third installment of the series ‘They Hate Black Catholics’ on Talking Catholic with David L. Gray, (YouTube Link) David traces the origins, cites examples, and explains how the systemic racism against Black Catholics lead them becoming easy prey for Democratic Party’s magnificent trickery in convincing Black Americans that their cultural identity was intrinsically connected to them voting Democrat. Because the Black Catholic Church had been abandoned and left astray by the institutional Catholic Church, Black Catholics became very Protestant in the manner by which they separate their faith from their behavior in the social and political space. Like Black Protestants, the majority of Jim Crow Black Catholics vote their race, rather than their faith, and in voting their race, they always end up voting against their faith.

– DOCUMENT: The 1969 Planned Parenthood Jaffe Memo
– HighBrow Magazine: African-American Catholics Face Dilemma: Whether to Vote for Obama
– Archdiocese of Baltimore: Obama’s election should inspire black Catholics, nun says
– National Catholic Reporter: Black Catholics see Obama candidacy as a path to racial equality
– VIDEO: A Word: Xavier University and the Black Catholic DNC Plantation Problem
– VIDEO: A Word: How the Catholic Church Can Heal and Unify the Black Community

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