Month: July 2020

Planned Parenthood Needs to Pay Reparations

Now that Planned Parenthood has openly confessed that their founder Margaret Sanger was an eugenicists who sought to eliminate as many Black lives as possible, in this video I list the Five Things that need to happen next, including Planned Parenthood of American paying reparations to their victims.

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Are Catholics Who Support Black Lives Matter Excommunicated?

Answer: They most likely are! Why? It is as simple as this, the three women who started the hashtag and mantra #BlackLivesMatter are the same women who founded the organization ‘Black Lives Matter’. Moreover, the women who started both the hashtag/mantra and the organization are self-declared communists, and the principles they gave to their organization (Black Lives Matter) are communistic.

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Two Thoughts on Liturgical Inculturation / TLM vs Black Catholic Mass

I asked two Catholics who love the liturgy of the Mass, about their thoughts on our current mindset on the problem with liturgical inculturation in light of our history, in which all liturgies were expressions of inculturation. It was interesting to hear someone who loves the Traditional Latin Rite and someone who loves the Cultural Black Catholic liturgy clash and agree on this important topic.

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