Question: Are Catholics who Support Black Lives Matter Excommunicated? (YouTube Link)

Answer: They most likely are! Why? It is as simple as this, the three women who started the hashtag and mantra #BlackLivesMatter are the same women who founded the organization ‘Black Lives Matter’. Moreover, the women who started both the hashtag/mantra and the organization are self-declared communists, and the principles they gave to their organization (Black Lives Matter) are communistic.

Since 1949 Catholics have been forbidden from joining communist parties or giving any support to communist voices and publications. Therefore, Catholics who positively promote the organization or hashtag/mantra Black Lives Matter/BlackLivesMatter/BLM is excommunicated and are unworthy to receive Holy Communion.

One may argue although ‘Black Lives Matter’ does expose communist principles, they are not a political party in the traditional sense; therefore, part one of the ban does not apply to them. I would argue against that, but even if that is true, part two of the ban remains in place; that Catholics are not only forbidden from joining ‘Black Lives Matter’, but neither they promote any of their material, including their hashtag and mantra, because it espouses communist principles.

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