Month: August 2020

Talking Catholic with Sister Anne of Yahweh

“Sister” Anne of Yahweh, OCD of ‘Marian News’ is a former Discalced Carmelites, who left the convent after receiving the call to start a new religious order which will follow the rule of Our Lady of La Salette given to Mélanie Calvat in 1946. In this installment of ‘Talking Catholic’, we conversed about her faith journey, discerning the call to religious life, why the Blessed Mother’s Apparitions are important, where she is at on the formation of her new religious order, and her critique of Taylor Marshall and people who cannot distinguish between the actual council documents and those who falsely weaponized those documents.

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A Summary of Black Catholic History

I talked with T. S. Flanders of ‘The Meaning of Catholic’ about the history of Africans in the Americas, beginning with the first Africans in New Spain, France, and the English colonies, to the 2nd Civil War in America (1861-65), the Jim Crow era (1865-1965) to the present. This was a broad conversation that explored some topics more in-depth than others and offers a compelling narrative about how the history of Africans and their descendants in American cannot be told outside the history of Black Catholicism in America.

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