Month: September 2020

Meet Jordan Pacheco, Glad to be Trad

For those who do not already know him, I want you to meet Jordan Pacheco. Jordan is a Glad Trad, an accomplished Cinematographer, and an all-around cool dude. We talked in this episode of ‘Talking Catholic’ about his faith journey to the Traditional Latin Rite, Vatican 2, Liturgy, and a number of other things.

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Catholic Response to the Black Liberal Ideology

On this LIVE episode of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’ I’m bringing on the author and social commentator Timothy Gordon, and historian and social activist Bobby Hesley to talk about the impact of the Democratic party owning the Black vote for over fifty years. Let’s talk Catholic about whether the actual social teachings of the Catholic Church are a better solution for Black Americans. We will be taking your questions and comments.

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Father Altman: On Fire or Fired?

This week, I had the opportunity to hop on to the U.S. Grace Force podcast with Father Heilman and Doug Barry to talk about the Father Altman phenomenon and the role that the priesthood and the laity must play in defending our Church and restoring true Christian manhood.

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The Holes in Simone Campbell’s Seamless Garment

Sister Simone Campbell from the Nuns on a Bus Democrat Political Action Committee produced a video in which she laid out the reasons why Catholics cannot vote for President Donald J. Trump. Her argument was just another rendition of the Seamless Garment/Consistency Ethic of Life flim-flam, and here is my response.

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