In Olga M. Segura’s new book, ‘The Birth of a Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church,’ she argues among other things that the Catholic Church needs to adopt Blacks Lives Matter’s Communist ideology and that systematic racism is still a thing that constructs insurmountable obstacles for Black and Brown people in society. (Watch on YouTube) (Watch on Rumble)

This video is the authentic Catholic response to Olga’s non-Catholic and humanistic effort.

00:00 – Introduction
05:20 – The Thesis of ‘The Birth of a Movement’
09:00 – Olga’s Two Central Arguments
10:45 – What is Systematic Racism?
12:15 – The Relationship Between Slavery & Systematic Racism
18:23 – Determination vs. Disadvantage
25:56 – The Relationship Between Over-Incarceration and Systematic Racism
27:59 – The Relationship Between Police Violence and Systematic Racism
30:59 – Black Lives Matter is a Communist Movement
33:09 – Can Catholics Kneel to Black Lives Matter?
35:37 – Humanism always Fails

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