I asked y’all and this is what you told me are your favorite Traditional and Trad-Leaning YouTube Channels. There were lots of nominations who did not make the top 10, but they are all listed below. Also, check out three of my personal faves that I think you should subscribe to if you haven’t already.

Black #1 Foam Finger | Party City

Sensus Fidelium – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 184,000+ – SCHTICK: re-Publishing of Great Homilies – OLDEST CONTENT: Jan 9, 2011 – FUN FACTS: Closing in on 5,000 videos. Originally was publishing videos of Father Corapi – That’s how old they are. Most popular videos feature Father Chad Ripperger. Lately they have been doing livestreams of original content. TradCat Skits Interviewed Steve when he had 30k subs – INTERVIEW WITH STEVE. FOUNDER OF SENSUS FIDELIUM – YouTube.

Commercial Gothic Number 2 | ClipArt ETC

DR. TAYLOR MARSHALL – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 324,000+ – SCHTICK: Commentary on Current Events / Theology and Apologetics – OLDEST CONTENT: Sep 28, 2010 – FUN FACTS: Hairline has not changed in ten years, used to pal around with some retrograde, oftentimes unbuttons the first two buttons of his shirt to expose his lack of chest hair, and gets some people angry about his position on the SSPX.


Roman Numeral 3 Designs for Embroidery Machines | EmbroideryDesigns.com

UPDATE: On March 31, 2021, YouTube Permanently Deleted Patrick’s Channel After He Launched the “Truth Over Fear Summit” Webiste.

Patrick Coffin – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 63,000+ – SCHTICK: Interviews and Commentary on Current Events – OLDEST CONTENT: Oct 3, 2016 – FUN FACTS: Still best known from his Catholic Answers days, Canadian Born, but now has a whole nation named after him that allows immigrants to enter a few times a year, He overachieved with a gorgeous wife, and thinks that there isn’t anything better than to be a Saint.


Jersey #4 - All Things Lakers - Los Angeles Times

Return to Tradition – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 75,000+ – SCHTICK: Church History and Commentary on Current Events – OLDEST CONTENT: Jun 27, 2018 – FUN FACTS: Writer and #TRADCATHOLIC Anthony Stine is the content creator and the manicured voice behind the avatar. like Dr. Taylor Marshall, Stine’s most popular content has to do with the conspiracies and things critical of the Jesuit’s pontificate.


Happy Feet & Toes | Toe tattoos, Tattoos, Neck tattoo

Timothy Gordon – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 29,000+ – SCHTICK: Livestream Commentary on Politics and Episcopacy Shenanigans – OLDEST CONTENT: Oct 24, 2019 – FUN FACTS: Tim has been known to shoot videos out of his Motor Home while it is running. He still has the Cali/Surfer/Skateboarder look but is actually a full husband to a beautiful wife and a father to six children and living in Mississippi. Many Trads first heard of Tim via Dr. Taylor Marshall podcast.


Vintage / Antique Clay Billiard Ball Green Number 6, Art Deco Pool Ball  (c.1910s) | Pool ball, Billiards, Vintage antiques

David L. Gray – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 21,000+ – SCHTICK: liturgical theology, Freemasonry, and Commentary on the Epic Fails of Liberalism – OLDEST CONTENT: Dec 18, 2010 – FUN FACTS: Given that my audience is the people who answered this poll, stands to reason that I would be one of their favorites. I have been on YouTube for 10 years, but only started consistently making content in 2015, but it was mainly political stuff against Black liberalism, but after I finished my Master of Arts degree in Theology, I decided to focus on liturgy and theology and some social/Humor commentary. My most popular video at nearly 1.5 million videos is about all the racist things Joe Biden has said over the past 47 years. My second most popular is about my journey from Freemasonry to Catholicism and the third most popular is me eating popcorn while watching Father Altman, which is how many Trad Catholics found me in 2020.


The Magnificent 7 planets. – biblodiac

Restoring the Faith – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 19,000+ – SCHTICK: livestreaming and previously recorded content on Politics and the state of the Church – OLDEST CONTENT: May 22, 2019 – FUN FACTS: The Restoring the Faith Media is an Apostolate being run by Mike – Check out his interview on ‘Old Fashioned Catholics‘ – Once a band of four, now down to a solo-gig, RTF’s very first video was something about comic book characters while they were smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. Mike oftentimes wears a bow tie, and who does not like a guy in a bow tie? The People who nominated Dr. Taylor Marshall, typically nominated Restoring the Faith – same Audience.



Download Number 8 Transparent Images - Donuts Number 8 PNG Image with No  Background - PNGkey.com

US Grace Force – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 48,000+ – SCHTICK: Father Richard Heilman and Doug Barry are Creating Weekly content with Notable Catholics about Current Events, Evangelization, and Getting Prepared for Spiritual warfare – OLDEST CONTENT: Aug 12, 2019 – FUN FACTS: Like many Trad-Catholic YouTube Channels, the most popular content on the US Grace Force channel are videos featuring Father Chad Ripperger and Father James Altman. Tens of Thousands of Catholics belong to the USGF through their website. There are seven daily habits that USGF members are encouraged to practice – Morning Offering, Mental Prayer, Lectio Divina, Holy Mass, Angelus & Regina Coeli, the Rosary, and Bedtime prayers.


Numbers Clip Art By Phillip Martin, Number 9 Svg Black - School Of Fish  Cartoon , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Church Militant – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 266,000+ – SCHTICK: News, Commentary, Investigative Reports, and Evangelization – OLDEST CONTENT: Jun 12, 2012 – FUN FACTS: This apostolate was previously called ‘Real Catholic TV’, of which content you can still find on YouTube at – ChurchMilitant Archives – YouTube. They have really come a long way since then and remain to be a relevant, important, and independent voice in the Church. From those rickety beginnings, they have now become a full-fledged Media company with staff and accountants and no shortage of enemies and friends. Yet, the thing people wonder the most, is if Michael Voris is wearing a toupee.


Lego Numbers Stock Video Footage - 4K and HD Video Clips | Shutterstock

The Meaning of Catholic – – – SUBSCRIBERS: 8,000+ – SCHTICK: Primarily Content about Catholic culture and Tradition and where those things Clash with Demonic Activity – OLDEST CONTENT: Oct 7, 2019 – FUN FACTS: The Meaning of Catholic is a lay apostolate dedicated to uniting Catholics against the enemies of Holy Church. Content is managed by Timothy S. Flanders.

The Best Kept Trad-Catholic YouTube Secrets

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