As I continue to talk about the problems with the Critical Race Theory and how it only produces division and systems of White Supremacy, I’ll be pointing to this table to highlight the similarities between Marxism, the historical and modern Critical Race Theory, and the Nation of Islam. These later systems all came along during the struggle between Marxism and Democracy and were instigated by men (Elijah Muhammad – NOI, Derrick Bell – CRT, and James H. Cone – BLT) who were heavily influenced by Marxist ideology.

 MarxismCritical Race TheoryBlack Liberation TheologyNation of Islam
These System Want to Liberate Proletariat/Non-Whites FromPrimarily Economic SubjugationPrimarily Political SubjugationPrimarily Social and Religious SubjugationPolitical and Religious Subjugation
These Systems Contextualizes these Structures to Help Proletariat/Non-Whites Overcome OppressionEconomic StructuresLegal StructuresReligious StructuresLegal and Religious Structures
What Group Commits Injustices Against OppressedCapitalistsWhite SupremacistsRich WhitesThe Blue-eyed Devil
Who is Created to be a Victim Class of PeopleProletariatBlacksPoor BlacksMiddle Class and Poor Blacks
Who is the Created Savior for the VictimRevolutionariesGovernmentThe Church and the PreacherAllah and Elijah Muhammad (Prophet)
What Needs to be DeconstructedCapitalismWhite SupremacyStructures of RichWhite Supremacy
Promote Liberation/Revolution ThroughForcePolitical Action/LawGospelA Black Liberation Version of Islam
The Promotion of a Consciousness MovementHe believed that political action was necessary to ‘wake up’ the proletariat and bring them to revolutionary class consciousness.Blacks need to get wokeBlack Christians need to get wokeMiddle Class and Poor Blacks need to get woke
Has a Preferential Option for theProletariatsBlacksPoor BlacksMiddle Class and Poor Blacks
Focuses on Disparities Between Rich and Poor – Strong critique of the Economic and Social StructuresDivides society into two classes – the bourgeoise/capitalist and the masses (the proletariats) – sell labor at a priceDivides Black vs White Massive wealth created by this divisionDivides Poor vs Rich Massive wealth is created by this divisionDivides Middle Class and Poor Blacks from Whites
Teaches that a Super Group that has Ideological ControlMarx argued that the ideas of the ruling classes were presented as common sense and natural and thus unequal, exploitative relationships were accepted by the proletariat as the norm.  White SupremacyThe RichThe White Man (Blue eyed Devil)
Who is Exploiting the OppressedLaborThe Legal SystemThe White Social and Religious StructuresThe Legal and Religious Structures of the White Man
Who Needs to Revolt Against the SystemProletariat revolts Eventually, following a revolution, private property would be abolished and with it the profit motive and the desire to exploit. In the communist society, people would be more equal, have greater freedom and be happier.  Blacks RevoltThe Poor Revolt (Theological first)Blacks Revolt
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