Month: June 2021

The Theology of the Dominican Solemn Mass with Augustine Thompson, O.P.

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Augustine Thompson, O.P., Professor of History at Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, will be on helping us continue our journey through the theology of the Catholic liturgy of the Holy Mass. The setting for the evening is (1) An introduction to the Dominican Solemn Mass, (2) Distinguishing the Solemn Mass from the Dominican Missa Cantata and the Traditional Latin Rite, (3) A short instructional on what to watch for, (4) A Viewing of a Dominican Solemn Mass, and (5) An open Q & A.

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Defending the Family with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Dr, Jennifer Roback Morse, Founder and President of the Ruth Institute will on talking about her work, paths to racial reconciliation, and the upcoming Fourth Annual Awards Dinner and Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, which will honor Pro-life leader Rev. Walter Hoye II.

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Grading the Josephites’ Black Power Liturgy & Hot Topics

With the Order of the Mass in one hand and the General Instruction of the Roman Missal in the other, let’s go ahead grade the ‘Black Power Liturgy’ of St. Brigid Catholic Church of Los Angeles where Amanda Gorman attends and is overseen by the Josephite Fathers and Brothers, a Catholic order who has a Jim Crow Catholic Mission to primarily minister to Black American communities.

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Is Tradition Under Attack? (Chat with Father Richard Heilman)

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Father Richard Heilman, Pastor of St. Mary of Pine Bluff in the Diocese of Madison and the US Grace Force Apostolate YouTube Channel will on talking about whether tradition is under attack, how Catholics should be thinking about so-called ‘pride’ month, Biden’s attack on the Church, and take some of your questions.

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